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Awesome Agricultural Study Tours & courses from June – December

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Here is exciting News for all who have a strong passion for growing their own Agro ventures to a sustainable level.

The first half of the year has has passed and many of many practicing farmers have benefited from our educative study tours and confirmed to us that they were highly inspired.

Agriculture is nothing to toy with in the Nigerian economy people are raking in money hear what the minister of agriculture has to say

Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina recently explained that the President Goodluck Jonathan administration’s resolve to make Agriculture a source of wealth for the stakeholders was total and will be pursued to fulfillment. Hear him,

“We have been very clear from the beginning that agriculture will not be treated any longer as a development programme, but as a business. We will no longer manage poverty with agriculture. We will use agriculture to create the future millionaires and billionaires of Nigeria. We are determined to change the fortunes of our farmers, for the poverty we see today must give way to wealth all across our rural areas, as we make agriculture a business that helps to lift millions of farmers out of poverty. Farmers are the largest private sector in this country. Everything from the farm, to the storage, processing, to the value addition up to the market, must work to create market for our farmers”.

Except you make up your mind to do things differently network , see what successful farmers are doing be inspired to grow

your venture to a sustainable level you may remain where you are !

For the last half the year we are inviting you to step up join our study tour to get rich beneficial learning to help you achieve your goals have carefully packaged two amazing up Group study tours to Songhai farm in Port Novo we were encouraged by the outcome of the first 2 earlier tours we had this year which were a great success and we are reassured from the testimonials and feed back received that our guests are getting good value for their money .

Read their views of the last tours :

It was fun and good learning. I will recommend to my friends, the taste of food is in the eating.
Adedibu Bassir, Pilot
Quite enlightening, I am happy I came for the life changing experience.
Akpomudiare Cynthia, Retiree
Awesome tour, I really enjoyed it, both educational with tourist expo.

We are confident to declare that the Next 2 up coming tours will be more successful!

Up Coming Songhai Group Study Tour Dates : AUG: 10TH -14TH& NOV: 17TH-20TH

Our bold promise to our clients this year is that we will leave no stone untouched to assist them become a major player in today’s Market . This we plan to achieve by way of encouraging exposure, networking, marketing and determination, byway of our study tours this being a clear departure from and a definite turn around from old school ways of doing business to promoting new technology driven internationally acceptable businesses practice in Agriculture .

Hadur Travel and Tours, is pioneering ago-tourism in Nigeria to all Agro ventures small & big we are urging agro entrepreneurs, farmers and industrialists to come and explore the rich opportunity of visiting modernized and highly successful farms and agro-allied businesses exhibitions conferences to get first hand knowledge on making agribusiness a money-spinner. Check these dates on your calendar & book your tour today .

Get full Details of our last May Songhai tour here : https://www.smarttravelsuperfan.com/awesome-songhai-may-11-15th-group-tour-experience/

Read about Our September Israel Agro study tour

Is your agriculture business important to you?
Are you ready to take your business 10 steps forward?
Do you want to be leading the market in your niche ?

Exploring Israel Agro farms is the best thing you can do for your farm and fields!
A visit to Israel opens your eyes to:

  • new technologies
  • innovations
  • connections with professionals

Thousands of farmers and business managers from our country have already visited Israel
Don’t miss out on this opportunity!
To Join our next study visit to Israel

Dates : September 14- 21

Testimonial from 2012 Israel Agrictech:


The agrictech Program came at the right time for me I am happy I attended, it will help me to put my new farm on a solid foundation.



Agrictech was exciting and wonderful it will help me start my farm business quickly.

Executive learning on a platform you never imagined- a combination of classroom & on site Learning in areas of your choice, contact us today to get full details !

This is New

Executive Training In Israel at a Management Institute

In response to the numerous requests we have received from our clients to provide more learning opportunities in the area of Agriculture in Israel we came to the conclusion that our agric tour packages may well include include Israel Agricultural Training

This decision is based on the understanding we have that agriculture is now a global business with important developments constantly reshaping the competitive field for all players we note that while Some organizations have the ability to adapt and change, others are left behind in this change process .

We have found a training programme that aims to increase participants’ capacity in order to gain a stronger position in the global marketplace.
“Israel is a world leader in agricultural technology, particularly in farming in arid conditions. Israeli agriculture thus relies on an ‘induced’, rather than ‘natural’, comparative advantage, one built on knowledge and technological progress”.

Hurry to get first class Training in these areas :


  • Agribusiness Post Harvest Management
  • Irrigation and Intensive Crop Management
  • Livestock Technology and Farm Management
  • Development of a Sustainable Aquaculture Industry

Dates : October 29 – November 12, 2014 .

Contact us today to learn how to register & also get an early bird scholarship

Don’t miss out on any of these fill out our contact form to get full details

Trust Hadur to always Search out & give you best


Awesome Songhai Family Tour Package
Agro-tours – Link to wealth creation in agric value chain

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  • June 28, 2014 at 11:18 pm

    I am interested in the August 10th to 14th Agricultural Songhai Group Study Tour to Shonghai Farms. Please let me know what it entails. I will be glad to have it soonest so I can know how to plan myself.

    • July 31, 2014 at 5:48 pm

      Thank you for your visit & registration for the August tour sir we promise you a memorable tour experience

  • July 6, 2014 at 8:39 pm

    Please can I have the cost details, program and other info to participate in the August 10 -14 tour to Songhai? An early reponse will be appreciated please

  • August 3, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    Give me the details on the November 17-20 Songhai tour.
    Thank you.

  • August 14, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    pls i will like to this wonderful tour and learn more abour
    Executive Training In Israel at a Management Institute.