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10 Amazing Business Ideas for Agricultural wealth

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There is one truth that i want you to keep in mind as you read through this article – food is a basic necessity without food we will all die so generating healthy organic food will always create you wealth but like any other thing you have to be focused and do it right we will show you how keep reading !
‘The current Nigerian Government has made it clear that Agriculture will be the center piece of its economic revival for Nigeria. This has thrown open a window of opportunities for a lot of Nigerians looking to get away from the shackles of paid employment or that are  in a business that is currently struggling.’ learn how to tap into the field of agriculture to make wealth .
I came about an article about a 100 agric businesses you can start to build your wealth by  Femi Olu  I guess the list is endless but I only chose 10 here they are a remarkable list of  investment opportunities in the Agric sector. It’s a long read but trust me, it is worth your while.
Agribusiness Ideas – Take a look at these :
 The following are the best, practical ones to consider investing in and beyond just having an idea we will take you on an inspirational and educational farm visit that will expose you to the intricacies of starting an agro venture and expose you to  practical experience  to start immediately with minimal loss :
We are excited to share with you 10 Agro business ideas 
  1. Invest in Cassava : the most important and regular staple food for Africans. The market for starch or Gari in Nigeria and other neighboring countries  is seamless.  Due to lack  of quality cassava processing facilities in the country there is great business opportunity that you can explore with exporting your well processed & packaged gari
  1. Soya bean and soy-related products are  in high demand in Nigeria. Soy-based foods, edible oil, and animal feed can be your choice source of agribusiness venture.since  it is in high demand and promises greater ROI.

  3  If you have access to high capital, then opening a fruit juice concentrate facility or learning to can  fruit  juice in Nigeria can  be a very lucrative agribusiness option. Results of many  surveys, attest that  nearly 90% of the fruit juice currently in the market are concentrates which  are imported from foreign countries you should focus on manufacturing  fruit juice in Nigeria

4  Growing  fresh flowers is another good agribusiness idea. As we all know, fresh flowers are used for many event decoration purposes and also for home decoration purposes. Make money by growing flowers and having your own floral shop

5 Vegetables are the most common and highly consumed food item across the world. So, starting a vegetable farm is one of the simplest businesses in the entire world  which gives a good profit margin.

6  You can also make money from Mushroom farming. All you need  to do is clean up your space make your choice of the method to adopt  and start your own farming of mushroom today. You can even start exporting it.

 7 Another good agribusiness idea for young entrepreneurs is to start a hatchery for the purpose of selling day-old chicks to poultry farmers. This is a one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being explored.

8 Quail egg farming is also another good agribusiness idea. It involves growing quail for profitable egg and meat production. Quail farming plays a vital role in meeting the daily nutritional requirement and it is a good source of earning money. This is one of the very good agribusiness ideas that isn’t being exploited

9 Growing medicinal herbs is  another profitable agriculture business. In order to accomplish the task, you need to have sufficient knowledge about medicinal herbs and the different illnesses they cure. It is advisable to pick herbs like aloe vera , Moringa,  onions and garlic which can be used to treat a lot of illnesses and diseases

10 Good processing and storage of farm produce  is also a great  agribusiness idea. Most of the food produced in Nigeria end up as waste because of lack of storage facilities. This is a one great agribusiness idea that isn’t being exploited

For more start up tips or ways to grow your agro business venture join  our Agro study tour to Songhai farm Center  it will inspire and educate you like no other –

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