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Archives / August 2013

Amazing September Songhai Study Tour

Read all about our amazing September 15 – 19  agro tour to Songhai farm centre Port Novo an answer to your dreams of starting  having or growing your very own productive farm. I begin by sharing this quote think on this as you read more “Here are two facts that should not both be true:...CONTINUE READING

Executive Pilgrimage to Rome and Jerusalem

            Read all about our  Amazing  11 day tour of Israel & Rome  which includes an eight-day package to Jerusalem  for special visits to religious  sites around  Israel for everyone interested in taking  a private executive  spiritual tour of  the Holy Land of the Bible. This wonderful tour is a two in one...CONTINUE READING

Do Something Extraordinary this summer

              Its Summer time  again and we  have a package  to delight you  our customer   a unique trip  for our you and your loved ones . Trust me to think of giving you the best this summer . Why not join us for a world of excitement this season! A green dream vacation...CONTINUE READING