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Archives / May 2013

Christmas to Remember Family Tour To Bethlehem

                Why not celebrate Christmas in the Holy Land this year ,plan to do something different explore the root of your faith. Take that Exciting Family Vacation of your dreams at a reduced cost because of Our special Christmas offer We invite you to take your Awesome December...CONTINUE READING

Our Life Changing July Songhai Farm Study Tour

  Here is our good news for the July Songhai tour  First of its kind to make you a great agro preneur: who else also  wants to be a  great and successful farmer with extra ordinary produce  anyway? Below are  5  great points to get you thinking on why you must join this tour – If you are one...CONTINUE READING

Unbelievable Budget Summer packages For Every One

OBUDU  RANCH-  NIGERIA Now Obudu Mountain Resort, located in Cross River State situated close to the border of Cameroon and is reached from Lagos by airplane. Obudu Mountain Resort offers a fully equipped gym, two floodlit tennis courts, a squash court and a natural swimming pool. Keen golfers can show their prowess on the hotel’s...CONTINUE READING

Amazing Israel Summer Fun Packages

    Did I hear you sigh when you read about Israel being a holiday spot ?  Most people believe this is the place to go when you are old  and then only for pilgrimage and a visit to Holy Sites – believe me they have never heard of the great beaches and fun places...CONTINUE READING

Great News For Students- Learn How to Start Your Own Farm

Here is our good news for Uni-Ben students ,First of its kind to make them great agro preneurs:  who doesnt want to be sucessful any way? Below are a few great points to get you thinking on why you must join our exciting May  tour – ·     Thinking agriculture will earn you little money  ? Think no more Songhai...CONTINUE READING