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Great News For Students- Learn How to Start Your Own Farm

OAU student on Songhai farm visit

Here is our good news for Uni-Ben students ,First of its kind to make them great agro preneurs:  who doesnt want to be sucessful any way?
Below are a few great points to get you thinking on why you must join our exciting May  tour –
·     Thinking agriculture will earn you little money  ? Think no more Songhai farm center will show you why, without an iota of doubt !
· You too can be a proud owner of a functioning farm, if only you know the secrets and practise it. That is why you have to be in Songhai this  May!
·       Do you ever nurture the desire to be a world class farmer in future , let Hadur travels songhai  study tour ,expose you to practical  tested farming skills to start your farming operations  Now!
·       If you strongly desire  all the secrets of a highly successful and profitable farm then, our  study tour of Songhai Farm in Port Novo, Benin Republic, is all the answer  you need.
·     We promise you a life changing experience as you explore all agro & agro allied services on this intergrated farm  from producing fresh fruits vegetables, eggs poultry fish ,to learning to operate mini-processing plants, learning to use the restaurants to sell farm fresh foods and drinks produced on the farm – such as fruit juices, or how to market your produce at your very own farm store,  you also enjoy beautiful farm accommodations, to ensure you  stay close to nature what more do you want or need ?
·      Make up your mind   and plan to attend-    You’ll never be the same.
 ·    Our clients are always satisfied with our package and always want a return visit back to Songhai farm. You too can have  a taste of this amazing tour and come back deeply satisfied.
·      The small-size farm called Songhai Village shows that even with a small amount of money, You can start and operate a sustainable farm profitably. You don’t need to break the bank to start your own mega – profitable farm!Unbelievable but true.
· You get all answers that pracising farmers will not want to reveal to new entrants for peanuts as a student visiting the farm why should you want to miss such a great opportunity to learn from farm experts  and  be a proud owner of a functioning cash generating farm . That is why you have to be in Songhai!
·    Hurry Registration  has  started  and seats are filling up fast  for this upcoming educative and highly instructive tour.
Make up your mind to Send a mail to hadurconcult@yahoo.co.uk for further details.
 read what our clients on the last tour had to say .
Join us on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/notifications#!/hadurtravels so see tour album and get regular up dates we will give you all the learning experience you ever dreamed about ,get motivated join hadur travels study tour to become a wise farmer a market leader and beat your competition hands down .
  Don’t delay one minute register today only 14 seats available you can be one of them contact us today .
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