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Archives / September 2012

Packaged Individual Tour to Isreal

Apart from our scheduled group tours we  package a stress free low budget minimum 5 days  trip to Israel any time of the year . These include visits to holy & historical sites in the company of other faithfulls from different countries round the world sites to visit include- Jerusalem – Visit all the major...CONTINUE READING

Pilgrimage Terms and conditions

REGISTRATION PROCESS AND FORMS OF PAYMENT : Before registration will be accepted, you must read, understand and accept our terms and conditions. Please download Hadur Travel & Tour co ltd (HTT) form from our website or send an e-mail to make a request for it from the HTT office. The specified full cost of the...CONTINUE READING

Fresh Agro Tours Necessary For Agri Business Investors.

Using agro tours to become international agribusiness operators –  Business day 12th December  To be a major player in today’s business world requires exposure, networking, marketing and determination, a definite turnaround from old ways of doing business to new technology, internationally acceptable businesses. Olufunke Taiwo, chief executive, Hadur Travels and Tours, a pioneer in agro-tourism,...CONTINUE READING

Do you Require Fast Reliable Travel Service?

Do you want to have a hassle free option  to set up your travel plans and choose the best travel destinations around the world? No worries. The easiest and most convenient way to book your ticket and get help  with your travel itinerary is through the internet. You find so many websites and options about...CONTINUE READING