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August 26 – 30 Songhai center Agro Tour A Great sucess

Participants on our 26th -30th August tour shared their experience with us – Hadur travels learning tour to Songhai farm in Port Novo was a dream come true for our clients as their requests for a visit to the farm turned out to be a wonderful learning experience they will not forget in a hurry.

Below comments from participants :

Dr Paloremas – medical doctor
Hadur travels delivered on promise it was a great networking experience as we met a lot of people we learnt a lot of techincality in farming.

Mrs Oladipupo – a poultry farmer .

The logistics was great in spite of being a practising farmer i learnt new things about crop farming , waste disposal & bio gas i also learnt the importance of fertilization of the pond in fish farming.

Mohammed Muktari- Farmer star agricultural consult :

The tour was good this farm that employs about 1,500 workers has a lot to offer in terms of experience & technical knowledge it has improved my knowledge in 13 areas including fish farming , poultry , crops bio gas , Grass cutter to name a few i shall put all to use quickly as a lot of people come to my farm to learn.

On our part we will not relent our efforts to package affordable learning agrotours for all- our plan is to arrange a short 1 day trip around the independence holiday for our numerous clients who were unable to join us on the last trip.
Our september Israel trip has been postphoned to the last week in October to give our clients more time to prepare.
Poverty eradication producing healthy meals for all is the effort of all Nigerians young and old we all have a role to play .

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