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Discover the Secrets of Songhai Farm: A 2023 Study Tour for Sustainable Agriculture Enthusiasts!”

Are you a sustainable agriculture enthusiast? 

Do you want to learn about traditional farming methods while also discovering new sustainable practices? 

Join us in 2023 for a study tour of Songhai Farm in Benin, Africa.

Founded by Father Godfrey Nzamujo in the 1980s, Songhai Farm is an agro-ecological center that combines traditional and modern farming practices to create a sustainable and profitable enterprise. The farm produces a wide range of crops, including cereal grains, fruits, vegetables, and livestock, while also incorporating fish production, biogas, and composting to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

During the study tour, participants will have the opportunity to learn from the farmers and agricultural experts at Songhai Farm. They will see firsthand how the farm integrates livestock, crops, and aquaculture to create a closed-loop system that provides food, energy, and income. Participants will also learn about the farm’s entrepreneurial spirit, which has enabled them to develop marketable products such as nutrient-rich compost, organic fertilizers, and fish feed.

The study tour will also include visits to the entire farm. Participants will have the chance to discuss the challenges and successes of sustainable farming with successful farmers and entrepreneurs.

In addition to on-site learning, participants can take part in hands-on workshops covering topics such as composting, soil health, and organic pest management. They will also receive training on how to apply the lessons learned from Songhai to their own farms and communities.

Aside from exploring the farm, participants will get to experience the rich culture of Benin through the food, music, and traditions of the surrounding communities. They can explore on their own .

This study tour is an excellent opportunity for sustainable agriculture enthusiasts and anyone interested in learning more about traditional farming practices and modern sustainable techniques. Participants will come away with practical knowledge, new friendships, and a stronger sense of the importance of sustainable agriculture.

So what are you waiting for?

Did i hear you say who is it for ?

A Songhai Farm study tour can benefit a wide range of individuals and groups, including:

  1. Farmers and Agriculture Enthusiasts: Farmers looking to expand their knowledge of sustainable and innovative farming practices can gain valuable insights from Songhai Farm’s successful model.
  2. Students and Researchers: Agricultural students and researchers can enhance their understanding of sustainable farming methods by observing and learning from Songhai Farm’s integrated approach.
  3. Educators and Trainers: Teachers, professors, and trainers involved in agricultural education can gain practical knowledge and teaching materials to enhance their curriculum and training programs.
  4. Sustainable Development Practitioners: Individuals and organizations focused on sustainable development, rural empowerment, and food security can benefit from understanding Songhai Farm’s holistic approach to community development.
  5. Entrepreneurs and Investors: As Songhai Farm incorporates various income-generating activities, entrepreneurs and investors interested in the agribusiness sector can gain insights into successful business models and investment opportunities.
  6. Government and Policy Makers: Policymakers, government officials, and agricultural policymakers can gather ideas and inspiration to develop sustainable agriculture policies and programs.
  7. International Visitors and Tourists: Visitors and tourists with an interest in sustainable agriculture, eco-tourism, and cultural experiences can enjoy an immersive and educational visit to Songhai Farm.

Overall, anyone passionate about sustainable farming, agricultural innovation, community development, and environmental conservation can benefit from a Songhai Farm study tour.

Join us on this journey of discovery and let Songhai Farm inspire you to transform the way you farm and live. Tours are available every month Fill the contact form to begin your journey now Book Now Stop dreaming Act now .

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      Thanks for your interest date is 23rd to 226th July varies every month details available on request