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Embark on a Journey of Faith : A Jordan and Israel Pilgrimage.

Jordan and Israel Tour

Have you ever dreamt of walking in the footsteps of Jesus our Saviour as well as the prophets and apostles of old ? Or ever had a feeling of the weight of history at sacred sites whispered about in scripture? Our faith filled Holy land pilgrimage to Jordan and Israel offers a unique opportunity to do all you have ever dreamt of and much more !

This is not about a vacation; it’s a spirit lifting transformative experience you have long dreamt off. Imagine cutting accross the sands of time, standing on Mount Nebo where Moses glimpsed the Promised Land, or being baptized in the very waters of the Jordan River where Jesus himself received the sacrament. Standing on Mt Olives and viewing Jerusalem like our Saviour did !

Explore the Ancient Vibrant Terraine of Jordan:

  • Amman : Jordan’s largest city known as the City of Seven Hills, in reference to its history of Roman rule.
  • Madaba, City of Mosaics: Explore the ancient Madaba map, the oldest surviving mosaic map of the Holy Land, offering a glimpse into the region’s history.
  • Mount Nebo: Stand on the mountaintop where Moses received a panoramic view of the Promised Land and connect with the biblical narrative.

Immerse Yourself in the Holy Land:

  • Jerusalem: Walk the Via Dolorosa, the path Jesus walked to his crucifixion, and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, believed to be the site of Jesus’ burial and resurrection.
  • Bethlehem: Visit the Church of the Nativity, traditionally considered the birthplace of Jesus, and experience the profound sense of peace and spirituality within its walls.
  • Sea of Galilee: Enjoy an eciting fun time as you sail on the same waters Jesus traversed, visit the sites of his miracles, and reflect on his teachings in these serene settings.

Beyond the Religious Significance:

This pilgrimage is not limited to those of a specific faith. It’s about delving into the rich cultural roots of your faith in relation to the region, understanding the historical significance of these lands, and gaining a deeper appreciation for the diverse communities that call it home.

Start Planning Your Pilgrimage:

  • Opt for guided tours with experienced professional tour guides or explore independently.
  • March to May offer pleasant weather, while summer can be hot.
  • Respect local customs and Religious ethics dress modestly with flat working shoes.

A pilgrimage to Jordan and Israel is more than just a trip; it’s a journey of self-discovery, faith renewal, and a chance to connect with the past, present, and your own spiritual core.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Contact us today to start planning your unforgettable pilgrimage;

We receive excellent Reviews on these tours so its not only our words:


From Evang. ADEYANJU. 


MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE,THE SECOND IN A SPACE OF 6 MONTHS.WILL MAKE ME REFER WITH NO RESERVATION HADUR FOR ANY INTENDED PILGRIM TO THE  Holy Land.Especially if your budget is lean and want the best. I pray for more years of prosperity for the firm.

 Mrs Adeyeri Pilg:

 My testimonial was very fantastic  it was like a family trip  we were well taken care  feeding was eat as you can 3trice daily transportation well arranged with networks hotels very comfortale

 I will recommend Hadur Travel to anybody  that  wants to go for pilgrimage to travel with them especially adults and.senior citizens it was spiritual in deed Shalom

Its more interesting to note you get to see a lot of scenery to enrich your undertanding of the Bible request available dates Get details and book now

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