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Frequently Asked Questions on Hadur Exciting Songhai Tour Packages




Question: What is Songhai Farm all about?

Answer:    Songhai Farm is an integrated farming centre with waste to wealth opportunity. It exposes you to on-site learning on the farm.


Question: Where is Songhai Farm located?

Answer:    Songhai Farm is located in Port Novo, Republic of Benin.


Question: How many sections does the farm have?

Answer:   Roughly 15 sections these include: poultry, mushroom, bio-gas, piggery, food processing, snail keeping, crop processing, techniques of fertilization, fish farming and machine fabrications.


Question: What are the benefits of touring Songhai farm?

Answer:    Advantages of touring is that it gives you exposure, networking, and learning opportunity


Question: How many tours do you have in a year?

Answer:   Quarterly group study tours and all year round individual, family, study and leisure trips.


Question: Is it convenient for a working class individual?

Answer:   Yes we have weekend tour packages


Question: Can I have a private tour with my family and friends?

Answer:   Yes we will tailor make a tour that will match your taste budget and need for study and leisure.


Question: Do you have a group tour organized for students or work force?

Answer:   We have educative packages for students, business associates tailor made to meet your need.


Question: What is the price range of your tours?

Answer:   Our tours are affordable; price depends on the number of day’s and type of package required.


Question: How long does your tour last?

Answer:   1day, 3days, 4days, 5days budget, 2 weeks study tour depends on what you hope to achieve.


Question: How long does it take from Lagos to Songhai?

Answer:   It takes about three (3) hours from Lagos to the farm


Question: What is the difference between our Group Tour and Individual Tour?

Answer:    Our group tour has a specific date already picked by us while for the individual tour you get to pick your own date.


Question: Apart from study tours, what other tour/packages are available?

Answer:   We have hands-on training, leisure, weekend, family, honeymoon, holiday, health, etc.


Question: To register for Songhai tour what are the steps I need to take?

Answer:      Just Send in your tour dates and type of tour

b. Complete registration form with copy of international passport

c. Make payment


Question: What does the package include?

Answer:    Return transport in a comfortable bus or car, accommodation on the farm in (single, mini, and VIP suites etc.), delicious meal, daily friendly tour guides, sightseeing to Cotonou on request.


Question: If we are based outside Lagos, what can you offer?

Answer:   We will arrange a bus or flight to Lagos and pick you from the airport to Cotonou at an extra cost.


Question: I have a yellow card I did few years back; can I still make use of it?

Answer:   No you can’t. Kindly visit ports health to obtain the updated card as the old ones are no longer in use.


Question: Do we get to view the farm only on DVD?

Answer:   No, there will be a physical study tour on the farm.


Question: Is the farm suitable for children?

Answer:   Yes it is. Our weekend package will be suitable for them.


Question: Do I need to come with extra money for this trip?

Answer:   Yes, you are to bring some money to cater for other meals and expenses as we will be responsible for only 5 meals during the tour i.e. dinner on arrival, 3 lunches & breakfast on departure.


Question: What if I have made full payment and decide to cancel the trip for any reason, will I be refunded my money?

Answer:  Yes you will.


Question: What other services do you render?

Answer:   Group and individual pilgrimage tours, business tours, vacation and holiday.


Leave your request on our contact form to get your quote.

Hurry take contact us  today. We have affordable packages for everyone young and old for rich learning to take your agro venture to another level.


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  • March 1, 2019 at 9:38 pm

    I am in Ilorin, Kwara State & I run an agribusiness.
    I would like to visit Songhai farm to learn and be able to replicate on return.

    What is the outline/details of your 5 days & 2weeks tour.
    Kindly, include price & other requirements for each.

    Looking forward to your prompt response.

    Amoo Rebecca
    RayandMo Farms