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How to Start Your Sustainable Agribusiness Organic Farm.

Staring any new venture requires some skills therefore learning is important In Agribusines be it organic farming or any other you must have a plan which will include how to succeed in your new Agri venture. Agribusiness covers all commercial operations in farming and related activities involved in producing, processing and distributing agricultural commodities.  At...CONTINUE READING


Welcome to our amazing blog . It has been a wonderful and busy year for us and interestingly, it’s the beginning of another quarter of the year. This means more busy days ahead as we need to prepare for  upcoming tours. Well, talking about tours, the  June edition of our amazing and exciting agro study...CONTINUE READING

Inspiring 2018 Agro Learning Field Tours .

Ever dreamt of starting your own successful Agro venture or expanding your Agri business  output? Join one of  our amazing tours of Songhai farm center Bene Republic to learn secrets of successful farmers and acquire  invaluable skills and experience to start, grow, or expand your farm business and minimize loss. Most people coming into Agribusiness...CONTINUE READING

Unique Agro tours for wealth creation to give you peace of mind

  Won’t you like to go on an Agro tour that will relax and revitalize your soul and body? Or would you consider an Agricultural tour that will empower you with knowledge to load your pocket or bank account? Look no further! Check out our awesome agricultural tour packages specially designed by Hadur Travel and Tours, pioneer of Agro-tourism in Nigeria, designed...CONTINUE READING

Awesome & Inspiring 2015 Agric Tours

                Hello friends, We appreciate your love and support during 2014 all our scheduled tours to Songhai farm took place & we got excellent testimonials for all tours: Our passion for providing inspiring learning tours for our clients is truly yielding great results which encourages and strengthens  us...CONTINUE READING

Have a Green Christmas this Year

                Christmas is round the corner  Here comes the season of Goodwill again! Avoid last minute rush as it puts a hole in your pocket  It is happening again at Hadur travel and Tours amazing fun filled relaxation packages for you and your loved ones   great tours to...CONTINUE READING