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Awesome & Inspiring 2015 Agric Tours

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Hello friends,
We appreciate your love and support during 2014 all our scheduled tours to Songhai farm took place & we got excellent testimonials for all tours:
Our passion for providing inspiring learning tours for our clients is truly yielding great results which encourages and strengthens  us as we strongly support MAN ( Manufacturers Association of Nigeria) in their  declaration  that there exists  great economic potentials of the Agric sector as alternative source of Income which  remains untapped in Nigeria  . What is the way forward ?
Let us all commit to doing what is within our reach to promote Agriculture as we struggle  with the dwindling  Oil production and export needless to say we are richly endowed  with great land weather & having healthy meals should not be lacking on our tables  Lets have a green Nigeria  come 2015  we should fully go back to Nature . On this note we are happy to present our 2015 Agricultural tours for exposure inspirations rich learning and net working – Read more below,

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SONGHAI FARM STUDY TOURS :   8th  – 12th FEB,  24th – 28th MAY ,  2nd  – 6th  AUG  & 15th – 19th NOV

Our  Group study tours to  Songhai farm in Port Novo is for 4 days includes  3 days of field  study rich  learning from the experts and a half day of leisure to Cotonu . As we enter a new year we challenge you to go learn from the experts & be inspired to Farm better .Join us on our first Agro tour of the year  and get inspired to farm better  you will be glad you did .

To learn more view  tour video  here :http://youtu.be/Fq-WzOEWII0
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Our  Agritech Israel tour  is packaged to give you deep knowledge and exposure for your farm  business ,learn new techniques to boost your farm income, network with experts  from around the globe, you will also have direct personal contacts with decision makers, suppliers, technicians and highly targeted audience of fellow professionals to rub mind with . Agritech comes up every 3 years so don’t miss out this year

Read more here -https://www.smarttravelsuperfan.com/10-things-know-israel-agrictech-2015/


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Agritech Africa exhibition  is for all practicing and aspiring farmers, Retirees, co operative societies, universities, research institutes, investors in poultry, Agro Allied Industry suppliers that strongly desire to  acquire professional knowledge on agricultural equipment, agro and food processing, aquaculture, biotechnology, livestock and dairy farming.

Contact us today fill the contact form or email us  to get full details on your preferred tour Take Action today – get inspired to farm better !

We also offer pilgrimage services , flight booking & holiday packages :

Read about our 2015 pilgrimage packages here  –   https://www.smarttravelsuperfan.com/5-reasons-must-visit-israel-2015/



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