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Amazing Israel Summer Fun Packages

    Did I hear you sigh when you read about Israel being a holiday spot ?  Most people believe this is the place to go when you are old  and then only for pilgrimage and a visit to Holy Sites – believe me they have never heard of the great beaches and fun places...CONTINUE READING

Memorable Easter Tour to Jerusalem .

Our  April Executive Jerusalem package  was a special tour  carefully designed to satisfy yearnings of our valued clients to celebrate Easter in Israel, since some had experienced Christmas in Israel and thought the Easter celebration would further enrich their faith. What we did not know was that this years event would coincide with the Pesach celebration or Passover...CONTINUE READING

So Why should Christians go to Israel?

Today i am sharing with you an article sent to me by my friend its all about the importance of why you should visit Israel, since i started taking pilgrims to Israel i have had to answer many questions on what how why this coming from another expert in her field and she would know because as...CONTINUE READING

Thousands Visit Bethlehem for Christmas

              This year thousands of tourists and Palestinians  troupe the city of – BETHLEHEM, Palestinian Territories —  flocking to the West Bank city of Bethlehem today Monday to mark Christmas at the site where it is believed Jesus Christ was born. This year’s celebration carries special significance for many...CONTINUE READING