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Inspiring 2018 Agro Learning Field Tours .


Ever dreamt of starting your own successful Agro venture or expanding your Agri business  output?

Join one of  our amazing tours of Songhai farm center Bene Republic to learn secrets of successful farmers and aquire  invaluable skills and experience to start, grow, or expand your farm business and minimize loss.

  1. Most people coming into Agribusiness especially youths in Nigeria view Agriculture and Agribusiness as a get rich quick investment or a sure short cut to fantasy riches and wealth ,

However, in Agribusiness just as it is with every other business that would be successful, a strong foundation upon which success can be achieved is built on a a clear vision, planning – well articulated expected inputs, outputs, challenges expected, opportunities, marketability, profitability, return on investment etc.

For most  new entrants  into Agribusiness that share the above mindset, they are quick to jump into one or the other perceived Agribusiness opportunity without first taking time to articulate, conceive, plan and put into writing what it is they are expected to face; output, input, profitability, return on investment etc.

For other prospective Agribusiness investors they assume that all that is needed to be a successful Agro entrepreneur is capital, while  others think all they need is  expertise and knowledge to make it big in their desired Agribusiness venture.

Most  Agribusiness investors wake up and decide that because the festive season is 3 months away, they should jump in and invest in chicken or poultry farming. For others, because a lot of investors are taking shots at catfish farming, it is the next millionaire fantasy project every youth should explore – irrespective of market challenges unknown in each.

For others just because they read on the profitability of oil palm plantation and its value chain and the good news of how they will harvest an improved variety in just 18 months – they set out to develop a 10 hectare oil palm or cashew plantation.

Investing in Agribusiness by relying solely on the fundamentals of instinct, assumption, feeling and passion alone is a sure road to failure, disappointment and loss of investment capital in Agribusiness.

An Agribusiness or farming business plan is a great way to start this is a plan that sets out your proposed Agribusiness (Livestock, crop, Agro Commodities Export, Processing etc) in writing and  proffers opportunities that you seek to explore, gaps that you intend to fill, capital needed, needed structure, your expected expenses, at what point to expect them, expected challenges, your expected returns, marketing opportunities, when to be profitable, future prospects, funding opportunities to mention but a few.

Why Songhai Farm?

Our attraction to Songhai farm centre is based on the exploits we have seen at this unique centre as one of the largest NGO farm projects empowering Africans, a pride to Africa. An integrated farm that uses all its waste produce to generate more income i.e wastes to wealth. We  strongly believe all who visit this farm are inspired to farm better.

Our awesome and unique agro study tours to Songhai center  and Israel will show you how to start,grow, or improve your output.

There are several ways to learn on Songhai farm with similar goals i.e getting exposure and inspiration.


Advantages of joining our Agro tours include :

. Get expert technical knowledge and skills needed to begin or grow your own farm and make extraordinary produce this year

. Learn practical modern farming methods

. On site practical learning from farm experts in crops, fish farming, food processing, poultry and lots more

. Get deep secrets of successful farmers.


Return journey by executive air conditioned bus,

Dinner on arrival,

Healthy farm fresh meals,

2days study and a day of leisure,

English-speaking tour guide,

Excellent Accommodation,

Hadur special gift pack…



February  25TH – 1ST March(closing date 9th feb)


May  6TH – 13TH(closing date 25th march)


June  3RD – 7TH(closing  20th May)


June 18TH – 24TH June(closing 7th May)


August 5TH – 9TH(closing  27th July)


November 18TH – 22ND(closing  9th Nov.)


It is very interesting and inspiring. I learned a lot about organic manure which is very good for soil. –YINUSA ABIDEMI, THERAPIST

Tour has helped me to value the power of vision and possibilities. It was an eye opener that Africans can build world-class organizations too. – MRS KEMI OLALEYE, EDUCATOR                              

The tour is an eye opener on bio-waste management. –CHRISTIAN OMENOGOR, PUBLIC SERVANT

Coming here changed my orientation about farming (i.e. farming can be done differently without destroying the nature. –SUNLOLA EMMANUEL FAKOLUJO,  AIR ADVISER< COMPENSATION & BENEFITS

Make that move, call us today to enjoy benefits of investing in agro business…



08033134108, 08086762144


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  • April 16, 2018 at 10:24 am
    Oluwatoyin Ayotade

    cost of tour to songhai study tour & AgricTech Afican -(kenya)

    • April 30, 2018 at 7:09 am

      thank you for your interest we sent you mail awaiting your response

  • July 12, 2018 at 11:51 am
    Elias Mbah

    Though late but if there is space i will like to register for two people in the August training/trip

    • July 12, 2018 at 1:32 pm

      We will send you details now . Its not late to join the tour thank you for contacting us