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Why you must visit Jerusalem this May

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May is spring time in Israel one of the most beautiful months to visit Israel  ! The weather is wonderful and the flowers blossom, this year the peoples man i.e  Pope Francis has chosen to Visit Israel from  24th – 26th May  what are  your  plans  starting early makes your trip less stressful.

Here we are once again  spreading  good tidings  about our awesome and inspiring trips to the Bible land Israel

to enrich  pilgrims spiritual life and take them on a life changing  trip.

When I ask pilgrims their  greatest wish  after reading about the Holy sites  in the Bible their  answer is to walk in the Footsteps

of Jesus the patriarchs  and prophets.

Never mind what some friends make you believe that its not important to take this life changing  special tour since they claim- Jesus is every where, why travel to Israel?

What has been your greatest desire as a believer  ? Is it to get closer to Jesus and make Him your personal friend  am I right ?

A visit to Jerusalem is going to do this and much more believe me millions of people from around the world visit Jerusalem all year round

they cant all be wrong !

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Tourists are flocking to a very peaceful Israel in spite of the odd  attacks from neighbours . The Israel Ministry of Tourism announced recently that a record
number of tourists, 3.56 million, visited the country in 2013, up slightly over 2012 levels. The number of tourist entries increased 3 % over 2012,
pointing to a growing interest in longer term visitors rather than day visitors.

2013 was a banner year for Israel tourism, marked by several significant events including President Obama’s first presidential visit to the country in March 2013, President Jonathans visit  in October 2013 as well as  many dignitaries  visited the Holy land last year  this was  followed by the renewal of peace talks, which have fueled an atmosphere of cautious optimism.
Moreover the security situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories continues to be quiet with little, if any, disruptions occurring within the tourism sector as a result of political situation.

The United States continued to be the most significant market for for incoming tourists with 623,000 tourists, about 30,000 Nigerians visited  Israel through the Government pilgrims boards while the  number from  private tour operators   for the year  is not known   Other important markets which  continue to be significant include  France, Germany, and the UK.

Tourism 2014 is anticipated to continue its upward trend. The new open skies agreement is expected to prompt a number of new airlines to fly to Israel increasing competition and lowering fares. During president Jonathans visit the famous BASA – Bilateral Air Service   Agreement which will allow direct flights between both Nigeria & Israel   was signed . Also worthy of note is Pope Francis’s upcoming pilgrimage which  will undoubtedly have a positive influence on tourism though much of the impact will likely be felt in the end of 2014 and into 2015.

A number of new hotels have recently opened and are under construction, both in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories. This is expected to drive additional growth during high peak periods of the year and, in addition, should also help to drive more overnights into the neighbouring Palestinian territories, which, compared to Israel, remain sorely in need of new hotels to meet the growing demand to the region.

Christians continue to represent the most significant group of tourists with over 56% of all tourists to Israel. Of these, Catholics comprise approximately one half of all Christians, or about 1.1 million tourists.
Hadur travels is working round the clock  to ensure we provide every pilgrim  with a strong desire  to explore feel & smell the Holy land on any of our group or individual tours the best opportunity to be part of this memorable and awesome trip .  We  have re packaged two awesome spirit lead  action filled 10 days tour to Jerusalem for our clients these are the  4th- 14th May  &  October 19- 29th tour .

Visits will be to all important sites Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jordan, Jericho, Galilee Jerusalem all the places you read about in the Bible to give your faith a spiritual up lift

Registration has been encouraging  for both tours while we receive many enquiries daily – don’t be left out start out to make your dream of visiting Israel come true

we provide you a private executive  – stress free package with rich networking with other faithful’s  bible reading prayer & praise on the sites homely hotels 3 sumptuous healthy meals ! enjoy St. Peters fish, warm professional English speaking guide inspiring and up lifting fellowship marriage renewal in Cana the church built at the site Jesus performed His first Miracle turning water into wine !

From our past pilgrims we receive excellent reviews of our tours all the time

This was the view of one of our  participants of  the memorable  December  2013  Family Tour  :

‘Any time, any day anywhere, I will recommend Hadur to people for a life changing tour and encounter.

 Hadur, I enjoyed every bit of your tour package, keep it up and continue to improve.

Thanks also to Orit and the driver, they were friendly and committed to their job.’
Thanks and God bless you,   Rev.George Ndifon.

Start out today  you will never be the same after your visit to Israel.

Be sure to leave us a message we love to hear from you shalom !

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Remain blessed

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  • March 10, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    hello, this is pastor FM. FREEMAN from the Zion Embassy church in Liberia want to be with you on your trip to Jerusalem.

    • March 12, 2014 at 6:36 am

      Thank you so much pastor Freeman we look forward to having you on our tour we do get guests from uk & us too we sent you mail pls check and well take it up from there