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Our Fascinating Songhai Agricultural Study Tour


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Agriculture in Nigeria has  improved greatly when compared with the past years because of the advent of technology and other necessary infrastructures.Initially, most Nigerian farmers merely engage in subsistence farming to provide food for their family while very little is made available in the market.

Today we are witnessing sharp Growth in agricultural output  as farmers are stepping away from subsistence agriculture and embracing modern civilization – investing in large scale farming and ultimately increasing agricultural products Agriculture in Nigeria.

At Hadur travels our belief is  that since the Nigerian soil and climatic condition is very suitable for the production of wide verities of crops and  there are over a hundred different food crops produced by farmers in Nigeria on yearly basis which includes yam, maize, millet, sorghum, beans, potatoes, rice, onions garbage, carrot, pear, cocoa, cocoa yam, okra, vegetables and  several  others Nigeria is the world number 1 producer of cassava… Cassava farming has taken the center stage in Nigeria and contributes over 45 percent of Nigerian agricultural GDP.

Agriculture in Nigeria contributes merely about 20 percent of the Nigeria total GDP, trailing behind petroleum which is the major Nigerian domestic produce. On our part we do not want to join the band wagon of those blaming or depending on government for everything .we strongly believe that as entrepreneurs we owe ourselves the duty of making our businesses sustainable & profitable we must leave no stone unturned, hence  our role is to encourage all with a passion for agriculture to get inspired & exposed using or Agro tours to Songhai farm in port novo or our Farm tours to Israel to enable farmers get first hand knowledge of the subject.

Our amazing  first tour of the year was in February 9th- 13th the tour was a great success read details   testimonials of our guests our next study tour is May 11th- 15th  other tours are August & November we invite you to be part of our Amazing inspiring tours spiced with leisure to Cotonou you will never be the same

 Worthwhile experience, the trainers, coordinator and founder were a pleasant set of people
  — Mr Nwosu- retired banker & farmer
 The tour was educative and informative—Mrs Ajala Folake
 Songhai tour is an eye opener to what we can do to improve our stream of income as well as create employment —  Mrs Constance Nwosu
 Songhai farm is the most beautiful tourist attraction in Africa—Mrs Adighibe Evelyn
 I have acquired more knowledge of organic approach to food and livestock production
—Mr Jimoh John
 This an eye opener to optimizing ones chosen enterprise and livelihood in agriculture on a sustainable level—Dr Fadare Samuel

Registration is closing  on the 30th of April  for the May Tour,  Hurry contact us today


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songhai feb with father


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