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Implementing knowledge from Hadur agro-study tours

Our story wont be complete if we give only testimonials ,today we share with you live stories of those who were inspired on our tours and came back to implement what they learnt keep reading story as reported in Businessday Newspaper  of 9th July 2014

Going on agric-study tours can translate into wealth creation over time if the knowledge gathered during these tours are well implemented. Olufunke Taiwo, chief executive, Hadur Travel and Tours, says “we do check up on our clients who have attended one or more of our agro-study tours to Israel, Songhai in Benin Republic, or any other place we package study tours to. So, as we prepare for our next round of study tours in August 10 to 14 this year, to Songhai and to Israel on September 14 to 21, we checked up on some of our past agro-tourists to find out how well they have implemented what they learnt during the tours.”

Kingsley Edemi Abii works with an oil company, owns an importation business and a farm business centre in Mosogar, Delta State. He says “my journey to Songhai, Benin Republic has been a great and supporting milestone in my present day achievement. After my return to Warri, Delta State from Songhai I started my own farm and named the company Memekings Farm, which is situated at an area close to Sapele town name ‘Mosogar.’

“I got a large expanse of land, and presently I have six solid fish ponds which were built by some of the Songhai experts. I have almost completed the building for the piggery and I hope to start pig farming by July ending. I have several crops such as cucumber, lettuce, onion, pepper, cabbage, sweet corn, pumpkin leaves, waterleaf, water melon, tomato, okra and carrots. I have also harvested my first cucumber and they were cool.”

Chuks Mbaegbu who has gone on two agro-trips to Songhai Farm through Hadur Travel and Tours, also says “thanks to my boss, the managing director of Ecocities Innovations Nig. Ltd for the sponsorship of my agro-trips and Hadur Travels and Tours for creating the awareness. I now manage a poultry and vegetable farms producing tomatoes and green pepper in the South East of Nigeria. My aim is to manage a sustainable integrated agricultural town where the youths of this age will find it convenient to do profitable farming. The tours to Songhai farm among other things instilled in me the skills and confidence required to successfully practice sustainable methods of farming.”

B. O. Olughor from Ugbomro in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State studied banking and finance at Edo State University and business education at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. He has also gone for various other professional training within and outside the country. He has worked as a teacher, marketer, information technology administrator and currently runs a private business known as Olugabs Global Resources Venture that deals on importation of goods, agriculture, information technology and transportation. His farm is at Sapele, Delta State.

blessing @ songhaiOlughor says “when we (Olugabs) entered into agric business, we never had training, but my chairman linked me to Songhai in Benin Republic. I was there with two colleagues. With the things we saw on ground on the day of our arrival, we promised ourselves that we would never be poor in our lives. Everything is working as planned on the farm, though there are some little challenges but the truth is that we are already breaking even. Success is not just bagging university certificate as a young man/woman, we all need practical training for us to bring revival to this country and stop the current mentality of white-collar jobs.

“Agriculture is the solution to some of our challenges. The government should also make funds available for young farmers to meet up on running their farms. With the knowledge I acquired at the Songhai Centre, I can easily solve problems on the farm. I am hoping to re-train other people who do not have the funds to travel to Songhai and also encourage people who can, to visit the life changing school of agriculture to get their dose of wealth creation.”

Taiwo, the Hadur Travels and Tours chief executive, says “a very wonderful opportunity is being presented to Africa on agriculture at the Songhai Farm. Any nation that can feed herself could be said to have overcome at least half of its challenges as a nation. Songhai Farm Centre could by every standard be called a demonstration farm for Africa, where various governments, especially those that are close to the grassroots, could avail their people the opportunity to learn the act of profitable farming.”



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