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Great Travel Review Of Israel Shared By Our Latest JPs

We share with you  day 2 experiences  of our  beautiful pilgrims trip

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Israeli Pilgrimage Day 2 : 31/08/2012.      Caesarea area at Acco : Roman Empire.

  1. King herod the great built this city with imported stones and materials from egypt, asia, etc.
  2. It served as meeting point for all cargoes passing through the mediterranean and the city prospered.
  3. Many nationals traded there: jews, germans, egyptians, etc.
  4. End of 4th century the town started decaying with attacks from earth quakes and many envious enemies.
  5. The moslems later plundered the town and destroyed churches and edifices.
  6. The europeans known as crusaders later attacked the town in the 12th century and forced the moslems out.
  7. Modern caesarea was rebuilt based on industrial exploits and research and is very developed today.
  8. The ruins of the early years are now being unearthed for all to see.

Haifa and the Israel/Lebanon border.

  1. This area is well preserved and there is wire car totake visitors down to the depths of caves and mountains being hammered by the mediterrenean sea.
  2. There is peace and prosperity in surrounding towns and banana is grown under contrlled conditions in this area.

Rosh  Hanikra  limestone grottos.

  1. These are excavated cities showing a city under which caves/grottos were created to serve as prisons for jews and escape routes to the sea in any attack.
  2. Reconstruction work is ongoing and there is profound engineering design and construction of these grottos.


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