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Hadur Travels 2019 Israel Christain Pilgrimage .

Learn details of our Hadur Life-Enriching Executive Israel 2019 Christian Pilgrimage.  Get 5% Bonus If You Register Now Terms and Conditions Apply. For us at Hadur Travel and Tours a Pilgrimage is a life-changing, transformational experience with personal Touch and Flexibility. A time of letting go of the old to let the new come in....CONTINUE READING

How to Start Your Sustainable Agribusiness Organic Farm.

Staring any new venture requires some skills therefore learning is important In Agribusines be it organic farming or any other you must have a plan which will include how to succeed in your new Agri venture. Agribusiness covers all commercial operations in farming and related activities involved in producing, processing and distributing agricultural commodities.  At...CONTINUE READING

Visiting Lagos? Then You Should See This…

Ever wondered why Lagos is referred to as “Eko Akete, Ilu Ogbon” in English meaning Lagos, the land of wisdom. This is due to the popular saying that Lagos is a no man’s land which encompasses all types of people from every work of life tribe or race. Lagos, Africa’s very own life wire, a...CONTINUE READING