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Experience Enchanting Christmas Tours!

Explore Egypt

Join us in crafting unforgettable memories this Christmas and New Year’s season! We can’t wait to bring your dream holiday to life.

At our agency, we’re thrilled to unveil an array of Christmas-themed tours, handcrafted to bring merriment and adventure to your holiday season! Our quest for unique experiences has led us to fascinating destinations across Africa and Europe, offering diverse cultural festivities and breathtaking natural wonders.

During this season usually our first choice is Bethlehem .Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, offers a magical and soul-enriching holiday like no other. Spending Christmas Day in Bethlehem: a dream for millions around the world! Alas for the Israel Hamas war we cannot offer this package this year !

While we pray for peace to return to our most popular Christmas destination we have exciting and adventorous offers for you this year .


  • Kenya: Explore the vibrant local traditions and wildlife amid stunning landscapes.
  • South Africa: Delight in a blend of urban festivities and natural beauty.
  • Rwanda: Experience the warmth of Rwandan celebrations amidst its scenic landscapes.
  • Ghana: Immerse yourself in colorful celebrations and rich cultural heritage.,


  • Vatican: Witness the spiritual essence of Christmas in this historical center.
  • London: Revel in iconic festivities and the charming British holiday spirit.
  • Germany Christmas Markets: Dive into the enchanting markets of Nuremberg and other charming German towns.

Pilgrimage Tours

  • Explore the wonders of Egypt, Cairo’s ancient marvels and Mt Sinai of Moses
  • Embark on an adventure through Jordan’s breathtaking landscapes and sights including Petra

To curate the perfect package for you, we’re eager to learn more! we will offer you a tour to meet your budget, desired number of nights, preferred activities, and the number of travelers joining you. Whether it’s a serene nature escapade, a culturally immersive experience, or a vibrant celebration, our team will tailor the perfect holiday getaway for you.

Christmas tree in Bethlehem
Petra Jordan
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