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songhai september group pic

September Songhai Study Tour was Awesome !

We  are thrilled by the outcome of our September tour to Songhai farm centre  it was certainly the greatest with 26 participants both practicing and would be farmers as well as farm administrators .It is our Joy  to be instrumental to helping the Jos team  lead by  the commissioner science & tech including 1 other commissioner & permanent secretary  drive their
goal of creating a sustainable wealth creation programme for Jos Youths , as well as give support to other group members .
Nothing drives home the point better than sharing testimonials of the tour  read details below :

DIN D.S (Mrs)……An Excellent place for any individual who wants to go into farming. I  Will like a second visit for  in-depth learning. God Bless the Founders.

Patrick D Lawam …..This is to confirm that this tour will be of much benefit to me and our people in the long run
Soji Olaogun…… This tour is Highly recommended for any farmer who wants to maximize returns.
Lawal Mufutau…..I have never seen this before in my Life its awesome !
Paul & Wai PHD …..I came and saw and I am going back with good ideas for Agric Transformation.
Yilkudi Nengak Elisha……Really moved & inspired to move on with a plan to operate a successful Agribusiness
Piwuna Comfort……… Every African who can afford it should visit Songhai to see, learn and replicate
Dr Silas Paul Mwoltu…… the  Food is very Excellent
Gwom Peter Joel…… .This is  a village that takes away poverty and empower  youths economically
Mahwash John……….I feel satisfied and would wish any Governor to come here too.
Onome Fedjare –  Very interesting and worthwhile .
On our part we will not relent in our effort to help put healthy meals on every Nigerians table, assisting
 with youth empowerment and building  sustainable agri business for all ,by way of our Agro tours to Songhai farm Port Novo  & Israel  .
Our next tour is November 17 -21  don’t be left out call , email or leave a message on our contact page to  register today !
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