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Discover Israel’s exciting holiday packages

We invite you to view these suggested holiday sites in Israel and delight yourself  at your preferred site.



This is a city blessed with glorious waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, Israel’s favourite tourist resort. It is sunny and warm in winter; hot but dry during summer. Eilat is an all year –round paradise for holiday- makers and also the entry point to Egypt’s Sinai desert.


  • Eilat offers every water sport and beachside amenity imaginable- all that a tourist could ever wish for.
  • It has a Coral World Underwater Observatory inviting visitors into another world,
  • There are resort centers, Spas, Bars, lovely Hotels, yachts, sandy beaches, coral reefs and endless deserts landscape.
  • Most popular life music spot, known as the three monkeys.

TEL AVIV: (Hill Of Spring)

Tel Aviv is a sparkling city seen from the air – or from the ground- . It is the country’s largest metropolis- a paradise for those that love combining the delights of the city and the pleasures of the Mediterranean’s sunny beaches.


  • A grand and beautiful fountain in a Piazza named after the first Mayor of Tel Aviv
  • Museum of the Diaspora having displays of several attractive pavilions, pottery and ceramics, glass, coins etc.
  • Has beautiful beachside cafes
  • Incredible night life.
  • Abundance of Bars, entertainment spots that are easily accessible.


DEAD SEA :{World’s  Largest Natural Spa}

Don’t be deceived by It’s name, the dead sea is more alive than you think, you become refreshed with every breath you take. It is the lowest point on the surface of the world, with high atmospheric pressure and high temperatures all year round, the sea evaporates very fast, although it is constantly fed by fresh water from the River Jordan. The Dead Sea has a salt content of over 30% -more than 10 times saltier than the Mediterranean. The salts are actually a mixture of many minerals so dense they keep a person afloat


  • Health spas treat visitors to breathtaking views and invigorating mud baths
  • View the pillar of salt formation landscape from the story of Lot’s wife.
  • Adjacent to it is the nature reserve for viewing the wild and mountains of Moab
  • Masada- a mountain top fortress transformed by King Herod 35BC. Easily accessible via a quick cable car ride or hiking.
  • It’s the best solution for radiant skin, vigor, vitality,
  • International centre for the treatment of Psoriasis.


Whether you’re looking for a sun soaked Mediterranean beach or the warmest of sea coast to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

You can have it at one of Israel leading 4 exotic resorts: Herzlia, Netanya, Caesarea and Haifa. These wonderful sea shores offer lasting memories.


 If you want an holiday filled with lots of adventures then explore the Israel kibbutzim holiday, which is all about village communal life. Their hotels are full of activities which are modern, and bright, many kibbutzim hotel provides both economic and standard accommodation for tourists.


Ein Gedi is a nature reserve brimming with wild life, this is a home to several herds of impressive Nubian ibex- wild mountain goats. Much less common is a sight of the Negev Leopard, not dangerous to man,


  • It has a waterfall that drops from a height of almost 600 feet.
  • Explore by foot or by Jeep
  • Consists of the best Orchards in the country
  • Modern factory for cosmetics based on the natural ingredients from the Dead Sea.
  • Canyons of Nahal David and Arugot; great places for short or long hikes all year round 


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