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Amazing but unique Agro tours to Israel to double your farm produce guaranteed.

Today Israel is not only the land of milk and honey of biblical time but now a field of innovative technologies with focus on agriculture.

As the popular saying goes that necessity is the mother of invention Israel’s advancement and achievements can be attributed  to efforts made to overcome  the lack of natural resources, scarcity of water and shortage of land of which 2/3rd is defined as desert land  being  the driving force with resultant development in its agricultural sector a lesson for all.

For year’s Israeli farmers, researchers, agro-technology industry have been working together on innovative ways to turn the lands natural challenges into strength and the whole world stands to gain from this cooperation. On our part we cannot but marvel at Israel’s flourishing productive, effective and efficient agriculture .our country Nigeria is blessed with fertile land, water, and pleasant weather conditions. It is our wish that we also join the countries of the world that have been identified as leaders  in the of world agricultural produce market.

To expose our clients to this rich world of Innovative and advanced technology we have packaged a unique but inspiring agricultural tour to Israel to expose you to the world of agricultural advancement. This tour will  enable practicing as well as potential farmers equip themselves with the latest information and technology from experienced experts with proven performance and a record of worldwide consulting from Israel.

Below are some samples of what our tour will equip you with:

  • Expert agronomic support in vegetables, crops, livestock poultry dairy irrigation research and development host culture bee live etc
  • Certified agricultural training programme through group, or one on one learning tailor made to your suit your need.
  • Professional agric tours for practical agricultural learning and on the spot farming solutions.
  • Project planning and development. First hand contacts with agricultural suppliers and producers.
  • Continuous support.
  • Information on latest agro mechanics and technology

For expert agro support on all your business start up growth and expansion needs as consultants we will help you find the needed partners and as tour operators we will build a tour round your professional and business need.

Read what our satisfied clientele say about our services click on testimonials

Need proof of our claims click on this link to get all the details – http://www.businessdayonline.com/NG/index.php/markets/agribusiness/38605-tourists-return-from-israel-with-plans-for-agro-business-expansion.

Contact us by clicking this link : https://www.smarttravelsuperfan.com/request-a-quote/ or Call us today for details we are your indispensable partner in your business development journey commit to us, we won’t let you down from seed to market we give you a great learning experience.

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