Best of Israel & Rome Awesome October 2015 Tour

                       Experience a deeply spiritual journey of personal discovery and reaffirmation while tracing the life of Jesus the Good Shepherd who laid down His Life for you as well as…

Daily Sharing Tours – An excellent way to Explore Israel

   Guided Trips in the land of Israel are Exciting  One thing is sure in the minds of our guests  -Hadur travels goes all out to give you the best touring experience no matter your choice. We have put together…

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5 Day budget Pilgrimage To Israel Exciting Thrilling & Refreshing

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A trip to Israel is More than Exciting … It is life-changing too! People’s single greatest expression when they return from a visit to Israel is, “I’ll never be the same.” Believe me no matter how short the trip  Something…


Memorable Easter Tour to Jerusalem .

Our  April Executive Jerusalem package  was a special tour  carefully designed to satisfy yearnings of our valued clients to celebrate Easter in Israel, since some had experienced Christmas in Israel and thought the Easter celebration would further enrich their faith. What we did…

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So Why should Christians go to Israel?

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Today i am sharing with you an article sent to me by my friend its all about the importance of why you should visit Israel, since i started taking pilgrims to Israel i have had to answer many questions on what…

Amazing 5 Day Budget Trip to Israel

Jericho by sycamore tree      cana of Galilee This is new unbelieveable but true visit Israel in 5 days highlight tour save time save cost see the land of the Bible in style your life will not be the same explore the root of…

Do Not Take A Trip To Israel Come 2013 Untill You Read This .

              We are  proud to present our 2013 up coming tours  and we trust you to share in our enthusiasm   fun  and excitement of our tours . We packaged something special for you to…

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Executive Tour in the Footsteps Of Jesus the Patriachs & Prophets

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              Read this carefully it is an highlight of the places we visit during our trips  to Israel. “Our feet shall stand within thy gates O Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:2) Day 1: Arrival at Ben…


An Exciting and Unforgettable Trip to Jerusalem

              We take you through our experience as you read below from one of our latest pilgrims  happy reading ! As the Group tour leader, I am excited to say this tour is an experience I…

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Discover the source of your faith – indepth details about where & how it all started

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OUR EXECUTIVE NOVEMBER  PILGRIMAGE TO ISRAEL & MOUNT SINAI WILL CONNECT YOU TO THE SOURCE OF YOUR FAITH. Have you have ever had the desire to read the Bible with more understanding, or take a closer walk with Jesus to know more…