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Get spiritually Enriched and very good presents

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Explore our world of media Books DVDs CDs from the Holy land…

The Holy land of  the Bible which is  Israel is rich in culture history & the root of our Christian faith without an iota of doubt So from time immemorial people have chosen not only to visit  but have striven to learn more about the Holy land .

Our goal at Hadur travels is not only to make touring the Holy land  stress free we go all out to make our guests have a

wonderful & memorable tour .

A pilgrimage is the best way to discover the Holy Land and understand the Gospels,while reading Bible passages at the sacred sites help you get connected with them.

If you have had the privilege of visiting the land of Israel these exotic materials will help you relive the wonderful days you spent, if you haven’t visited before these items we offer you  will take you to the land of your dreams in Spirit.  All materials  are presented in a pictorial & simple way they will enrich your life beyond your dreams:

Anointing Oil.

Right from bible times, the holy anointing oil has been used in acts of prayer, Holy worship and healing and consecration. Remember that Jesus our Savior and master demonstrated its significance when He anointed the sick and injured with these oils to make them well!

These oils are directly produced from pure olive oils in Galilee and the hills of Jerusalem. They come with different fragrance some contain Myrrh, Frankincense, Spikenard, Rose of Sharon and Lily of the valley all you have to do is make your choice.

So, if you’ll like the Holy Spirit to work through you and feel the Lord’s presence, then you need to contact us now to get one of these Oils to anoint your sick loved ones or for your spiritual use .

Pictorial Books.

Is there any where else you  can you get detailed explicit  illustrations, pictures and locations of the holy land? If you know i will be glad to hear there is no other available literature that pilgrims love more than these ! It is simply to be found in no other material  than in Special Books and Media  about the Holy land.

These books about the holy land serve as a source of inspiration, information and celebration. It tells us more about the traditions of the Jews as well as exploring the locations of the holy site and biblical events.

It actually brings bible events to life, making them so real.

Don’t wait a minute more if you are interested in discovering the history of the Bible, seeing the places Jesus walked and so many other fantastic places, contact us for how to get hold of these amazing books for your personal & commercial use

Music CDs and DVDs:

Israel Music CDs and DVDs are a wonderful way to make joyful praises to the Almighty God ,thank Him for His wonderful goodness and learn more about his ancient Land.

These CDs contain music on Jewish holidays, the Sabbath, inspirational Messianic songs, Israel Folk Tunes and inspiration music on the sites we visit Like Jerusalem they tell their own peculiar story and have a special joyful tone which wakes up the inner you .

The spectacular DVD makes the sights and sounds of Israel to come alive. Packed with exciting information about the holy land, and things to do as well as places to visit, the DVD carries you to a journey back in time to all amazing spots of modern Israel.

Dead Sea Cosmetics:

A Visit to the holy land especially to the Dead sea is  also  a way to rejuvenate your skin and look younger. There is a secret i want to reveal to you today  whether or not you have the opportunity of taking a dip in the Dead Sea you can get the benefits of its world renowned therapy by simply  getting the Dead Sea cosmetics which include Dead Sea Mud, salt.soap anti aging cosmetics among other things These cosmetics are produced from natural resources of the holy land which provide a vital source of energy, oxygen and the nutrition needed or healthy glowing skin.

King David, King Herod, Jesus, and John the Baptist were closely linked with The Dead Sea area. The infamous towns of Sodom and Gomorrah were situated here. During the Egyptian conquest it is said that Queen Cleopatra obtained exclusive rights to build cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories in the area. If you have skin issues or pain in your bones these products are excellent for you

The beneficial and medicinal properties of The Dead Sea water and mud have been known for centuries. These have been sought after since the days of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra. Today many spas have been built on the shores of The Dead Sea in order to allow people to enjoy the healing properties of the mud and water. As a health spa, The Dead Sea offers patients an opportunity to treat various ailments while enjoying the kind of relaxation that strengthens the treatment. Many visitors return year after year for long-term relief. Why not contact us to be part of the wise user of dead sea products before you are opportune to travel

Olive Oil :

The basics for delicious Israel cuisine are produced under the warm Mediterranean sun and includes: plump olive oil from the grooves, juicy dates from the tall palm and pure honey from wild flowers.

Most of the food produced in Israel are grown in the Galilee, on the same ground that Jesus walked.

You can get the purest Olive oil here or your personal use.

Gifts to inspire children:

Jesus blessed the children and showed his respect for their spiritual growth.

To follow Jesus foot steps then, you can encourage your child’s spiritual growth with great materials straight from the holy land.

These include Puzzles, books, games and even toys of spiritual importance.

You will be surprised that your children will be abundantly blessed with encouraging messages of faith and things that can prepare them to be outstanding people as they grow.

You need not  look further for  all your holy land items at discounted wholesale prices, they make excellent birthday Christmas and all occasion gifts! call to make your order today

At Hadur travel and tours, we make it our business to find the highest quality inspirational products at the best price and make it immediately accessible for your use . We invite  you to join us in providing Holy land inspirational products to the world.

If you want to find out more about how we can  supply you and your organization with our amazing wonder working products from the holy land, feel free to contact us here simply click on contact us tab to leave a message or email us  at hadurconsult@yahoo.co.uk

You will be glad you did !



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