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August Songhai trip was Unique in 5 Ways –Get full details here!

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Let me share all that happened on this 4 day unforgettable tour briefly with you!

August 10-14 Songhai tour took off as scheduled!

We arrived at Songhai farm center and proceeded to a healthy tasty farm fresh meal on the 10th of August as we promised our guests  –  yes we delivered on promise!

Trust us At  Hadur Travels, we don’t delay or disappoint our clients and  that is why our guests keep coming back for more tours.

The first striking thing we did that made this tour a special one and left a lasting impression throughout the tour was our  groups agreement to having a networking meeting , after our sumptuous dinner ,


We held a hearty networking meeting where everyone eagerly shared background information before retiring to our warm and homely accommodation on the farm .

It was so much fun as everyone enthusiastically opened up about themselves. Everyone participated with openness we got to know each other better. It was an unforgettable night a foundation for further business bonding in the future.


On this special  Monday morning  we were not hurriedly rushing off to our offices for the usual morning meetings instead we woke up to the fresh cool air of the farm eagerly and expectantly had breakfast by 8.30 am, we began the unforgettable tour of the farm, which was followed by a detailed Visualization of 3 DVDs including visits of Heads of states and Happiness is on the plate with FR. Godfrey the founder Songhai by 10.30 am.


Indeed our mouths watered viewing so many dishes We couldn’t wait to eat lunch by 1.00 pm and so the tour continued afternoon session ushered in the beginning of our studies detailed learning in selected sections of the farm starting at the Grass –cutter where we were exposed to the colonies as well as how to start your own grass cutter business the days study ended with a visit to the Compost Section we got exposed to Ramial chipped wood fertilization. .20140813_121438

You really can’t imagine the pleasure and excitements in our eyes as we saw and learnt new things except you also plan a visit yourself!

Tuesday 12th August got us feeling like Royalty the day started with our study at the poultry section then We got the greatest surprise when during the course of our study on crop farming we were approached by the founder and Director himself!   The very Reverend Father Nzamujo!

20140812_175901He happily took over from the tour guide taking us around the different crop sections of the farm and gave us a special invitation to a power point presentation on Moringa plant!

These were 2 very unique things because anyone who knows the founder well understands about his very busy & tight schedule!

As if that surprise was not enough, we were officially invited to join a meeting with the UNDP officials who were to visit the farm the next day for a test run of the new pellet producing Machine!

We were floating on cloud 7! when we woke up on the morning of Wednesday 13th August so as not to miss any part of our studies we went through fish farming, bio gas & food processing and joined Fr Nzamujo & his UNDP guests for an action packed tour of the entire farm and so we were opportune  to see the TEST RUN of the first of its kind New Pellet Making Machine in Africa!

Yay! What an absolutely interesting and unforgettable experience! 2 UNIQUE EXPERIENCES ON THIS LAST DAY OF OUR STUDY!

20140813_124259We rounded off on, our studies after gaining massive knowledge and exposure from this second round of visit round the farm! After Lunch, we left this beautiful farm land for Cotonou, for our scheduled hours of leisure and after dinner we retired for the day to prepare for our  return to Nigeria on the 14th of August!

We were a bit taken aback as we were  thoroughly tested for Ebola before we could gain entry back to Nigeria!

Guess what? We were so full of excitement that we thought it was all part of the fun!

It was indeed an experience one cannot forget in a hurry, and truly, we can’t wait to go back again!

No kidding now i am going back for another visit in a few days this time not to study but to arrange an interview with father so he can answer the questions of our many clients who have been very eager to meet with him and know more about he suceeded in putting up such a world class farm that is U N O recognized !

We will keep you posted!

By now, I know you would have been tickled and eager to visit Songhai Center for a life- changing experience.



Read what OUR PARTICIPANTS & GUESTS have to say:

Omotoso Adewale

‘Wonderful, thrilling  new knowledge and view about agriculture and nature. This is an experience to the next level.’

 Abdulsalam Jibril

‘A visit to Songhai is never a wasteful experience. There is always something to learn and I have learnt a lot that will surely be used to improve my business.’

Enock Jarumi

It is a great place for potential farmers.”Ï came and saw and I admire”


Mr and Mrs Etso

 It is extremely motivating. An eye opener as to what can be achieved when problems are viewed as opportunities and not obstacles.

Yes, these entire satisfied tourists to Songhai can’t be wrong!

Songhai is indeed a blessed land, a breath taking place for anyone who deeply loves nature and agriculture.

Registration is open for our last group tour of the year!

NOV .17TH – 21TH   Study Tour

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Why you must visit Songhai farm.


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