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10 Things you ought to know About Israel Agrictech 2015

agrictech 2015








I am so excited that 3 years have rolled by since we attended the last Israel Agrictech in 2012 and it’s now time for the next Agrictech.
I have received several calls and emails about when the next Agrictech will take place these past years and months.
While the Agritech organizers want to create a platform to present some of the post harvest methods and processes as  we will all agree that in our different environments we are witnessing far-reaching changes in the field of agriculture – due to these influences natural forces like Climatic conditions and availability or economic influences to meet the needs of the developing world. All these conditions will continue to exert their influence not only on crop production, but also on the increasingly valuable harvest. This creates a need to invest in the post-harvest systems which are quite diverse, depending on place, crops or products and the different stages of activity involved.
I have taken time to list below 10 most important things to know about Agritech Israel Happy viewing:
What is Agritech?
Agritech is one of the most recognized events in the world of agriculture for exposure & information .It is an international exhibition where buyers & sellers come together under a platform to share latest knowledge, information and goods & services in the agricultural world.
Where & when does it take place?

The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, Tel Aviv, Israel
Agritech takes place every 3 years
2015 is the 19th International Agricultural Exhibition & Conference
Opening Times
Tuesday April 28 and Wednesday April 29, 2015:
10:00 – 18:00
Thursday April 30, 2015
10:00 – 17:00
Since Israel’s early days, the country’s agricultural sector has been forced to provide its citizenry with advanced solutions. Situated in one of the world’s most arid regions, Israel pioneered and led the concepts of drip irrigation, recycling, purifying and reuse of waste water for agriculture purposes. Based on its accumulated experience, Israel is poised to play a major role in supplying the world with cutting-edge agriculture solutions.
• The world’s most developed irrigation methods
• The world’s highest reused waste water rate
• The most advanced agriculture technologies on the international market for water heating and electricity generation
• For whom?
Practicing and Aspiring farmers, Retirees, Cooperative societies, Universities, Research Institutes Investors in poultry, Agro Allied Industry Suppliers.
What will I gain?
Many conferences will be on in the halls including   – Plenary Session I – GLOBAL FOOD LOSSES AND WASTE
Robert van Otterdijk, Italy
Shortage Challenges with Innovations in Post harvest
Quality and Safety Practices New Directions in Post-harvest Storage
Safety Issues in Post harvest Technologies and Strategies
Grain Storage Reducing Post-Harvest Grain Losses for Increased Food Security.
• Do I get to know what’s next in agriculture?
The exhibitors plan to do it first by expanding the exhibitors profile to Post Harvest and Food Processing (first stage).

Secondly  by the conference program which will be on Post Harvest and Food Security – chaired by Prof. Eli Fallik with international keynotes and workshops. This will  Further, create an avenue to see what’s next in agriculture at the “Innovation Pavilion” and Agrivest – Investors Conference.

Can I Network and do Business?
Organizers are aware that the exhibitions will not be successful if there are  no proper platform to network and do business.  Enormous efforts  have been put in  the B2B networking engine to assist in arranging one-on-one meetings and  to bring the relevant foreign delegations.

Flori culture
Marketing & Export Services
Plant Propagation Material
Small Ruminants
Turnkey Projects & Knowledge Transfer
Software & Hardware
Fertilizers & Chemicals
Fork Lift & Handling
Livestock & Dairy
Irrigation & Water Management
Organic Agriculture
Plant Protection
Post Harvest Treatment
Precise Agriculture
Rural Development
How Do I Register?
Visit agrictech website at – http://www.agritech.org.il/
Mark the dates on your calendar to visit Israel find out if you need to obtain a visa to enter, some citizens of US UK and some European COUNTRIES do not require visas. contact us for assistance.
Who do I contact?
We are international tour operators we have packaged a world class tour to the 2015  agrictech from 26th April to 2nd may our tours are spiced with leisure . Link to 2012 Agritech –  https://www.smarttravelsuperfan.com/agrictech-2012/
We offer excellent services & provide the following services visa assistance, visa procurement, flight & hotel arrangements for individuals & groups, agricultural field visits, agricultural study & trainings agricultural conferences & exhibitions worldwide, pilgrimage. We would love to hear your views . DSC06619


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