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A Great Journey of Discovery and Faith

Embark on a transformative pilgrimage through Jordan and Israel, exploring the intersection of faith, culture, and history

Experience the Holy Land: Journey to Jerusalem

Imagine walking in the footsteps of Jesus, the disciples, patriarchs, and prophets. Picture yourself immersed in the vibrant cultures and historic landscapes of the Holy Land. Envision a journey that deepens your spiritual connection, fosters meaningful relationships, and creates unforgettable memories.

Our Jordan and Israel Pilgrimage is designed to transform your faith, renew your spirit, and connect you with the rich heritage of the Bible. Join us on an extraordinary adventure that will leave you forever changed.


Israel and Jordan Christian HolyLand tour is an amazing opportunity to experience the Biblical sites in Israel and Jordan walking in Jesus steps in the Galilee Nazareth to Jerusalem the place of His glorious entry ending in betrayal and death. visit the sites of His crucifixion and resurrection
The beautiful church of Nativity where our Saviour was born in Bethlehem
Nazareth the home of the Holy family all that you have been reading about in the scriptures for years become live.

Now is the time to bring all these words to life by embarking on a journey of a lifetime
by choosing to go on our eight day Holyland Tour, Israel and Jordan Join other Christian faithfuls from all over the world to sing songs of praise pray and worship at these Holy and Revered sites.

Imagine yourself atop Mt Tabor mountain of Transfiguration.
Ever seen Zacchaeus tree?
Old olive trees of over 2000 years in Gethsemane
Or ever wanted to experience floating on the Dead sea .
Sailing on the sea of Galilee on a boat ride

This is the best value tour that you can give yourself or your loved ones
one of the best ways to experience the holy land.


Accommodation Ground transport in Luxurious Coach and an itinerary that is a perfect mix of spiritual sites and cultural and historical sites with our professional guide
going with you every step of the way,

If you’re looking to have an exceptional spiritual renewal on this journey the time to register is now.



Spiritual Growth and Connection with Faith:

💠Walk the ancient streets of Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Capernaum
💠Visit the River Jordan, the Garden Tomb, and the Mount of Olives
💠Experience the spiritual significance of each site, guided by expert leaders

Personal Reflection and Introspection:

💠Enjoy quiet moments of contemplation amidst breathtaking scenery
💠Reflect on your faith journey and connection with the Holy Land
💠Return home with a renewed sense of purpose and spiritual direction

Fellowship Building and Sharing Experiences:

💠Praying, Networking and building friendship with fellow pilgrims
💠Reflect on your faith journey and connection with the Holy Land
💠Sharing spiritual journey success with fellow pilgrims



Safety and Security:

💠Expert guides and local partners ensure your safety
💠Carefully planned itinery minimizes risk
💠Constant support and guidance throughout the journey

Accessibility and Ease of Travel:

💠Comfortable accommodations and transportation
💠Well-planned itinerary with minimal walking
💠Assistance with mobility or special needs

Cost and Value for Money:

💠Competitive pricing for an unforgettable experience
💠Inclusive package with no hidden costs
💠Unparalleled value for a life-changing pilgrimage



Cultural Immersion and Local Heritage:

💠Engage with local cultures and traditions
💠Savor Middle Eastern cuisine and hospitality
💠Explore vibrant markets and historic sites

Meaningful and Purposeful Experiences:

💠Participate in meaningful worship and devotionals
💠Engage in discussions and reflections with fellow travelers
💠Return home with a renewed sense of purpose

Unforgettable and Unique Experiences:

💠Float in the Dead Sea, visit the Galilee, and explore Jerusalem’s Old City
💠 Exciting JP ceremony to receive your JP certificate and pin
💠Take home unforgettable memories and stories



Sense of Belonging:

💠Connect with fellow travelers and guides
💠 Share experiences and build relationships
💠Feel part of a community of pilgrims

Guidance and Support:

💠Expert guides and leaders throughout the journey
💠 Constant support and assistance
💠Guidance on spiritual and cultural aspects



“Despite the current security situation in Israel, we remain committed to providing safe and quality tour services. Our dedication to delivering exceptional spiritual travel experiences remains unwavering. While some adjustments may be necessary regarding accessible sites, our expert guides and local partners ensure your journey is both meaningful and secure.

Join us on an 8-day pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan, exploring iconic sites such as:

– Jerusalem
– Bethlehem
– Mt. Nebo
– Pool of Bethesda
– Mt. Carmel
– Cana
– Nazareth Village
– Caesarea
– Sea of Galilee
– Mt. of Beatitudes
– Mensa Christi
– Capernaum
– Jericho
– Dead Sea
– Masada
– Mt. of Olives
– Garden of Gethsemane
– St. Peter in Gallicantu

Trust us to handle every detail, ensuring a seamless and spirit-filled experience. Contact us to book your pilgrimage and fulfill your calling to God and his people. We proudly serve spiritual travelers during this challenging time.”



is for you if you are aged 35 years and above with a genuine passion to explore the holy land as an individual ,groups, family friends and couples, also to people in the diaspora are welcome.

Date; 11 to 19th September.

Closing : 31st July!!

For payments options, once you complete your registration, you can start your installmental payments

7 nights & 8 days visit to two countries Package inclusions :
2 Group visas Homely, hotels comfortable transfers 3 meals exploring Biblical sites with local professional tour guides, GP certificates

Price: 3.5 million subject to confirmation at booking.

Contact us for details and reservations :

Hadur Travels your favorite faith tour operators.

Why travel with Hadur? we have been in business for over 11 years as a Faith tour Operator, I have been visiting Israel personally for over 40 years and I am quite familiar with the terrain the language and the people we provide you with ease of travel value for money, trust and reliable Give spiritual guardiance a meaningful full experience. to us our customers are King we provide you with excellent customer care. We are professional in our outlook.

benefits of this package include spiritual growth, connection with faithfuls, walking in the steps of Jesus and the Patriarchs, prophets fellowship with other pilgrims, cultural immersion, a spirit rich, spiritual experience. 

start out by Registering, have a valid international passport with minimum of six months validity from date of travel,
no travel experience?, we got you covered, start now.


It's Time to Explore Jerusalem and Jordan September 2024 Group Tour

Will you be a part of our Exclusive and Exciting Spirit Lifting Pilgrimage.?

Date; 11 to 19th September.

Closing : 31st July!!


7 nights & 8 days visit to two countries Package inclusions : (CAN BE PAID BY INSTALLMENT)

  • 2 Group visas Homely hotels comfortable transfers
  • 3 meals exploring Biblical sites with local professional tour guides GP certificates


📞FOR MORE INFO, CALL : +2348114570668📞