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Why Travel to Songhai Farm Port Novo for an Agricultural Field tour

Knute Rockne said : “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  When the roads are rough, the tough rise to the occasion.  They win.  They survive.  They come out on top!”

Visiting a farm for an Agricultural Field tour such as Songhai Farm Port Novo is a usual example of Agro tourism farm educating visitors about the nobility in agri business inspiring and educating them about successful farming.

 It presents practical and purposeful education for agri commercial  fans as a an built-in farm that makes use of all its waste produce to generate greater income. The center is a chain of agricultural research centers established by Fr. Godfrey Nzamujo, a Nigerian-American reverend father, for the purpose of teaching about sustainable farming techniques and inspiring families to the many unstrapped opportunities in farming including agri tourism.

At Hadur travels as an award winning AgriTourism specialist tour operator we have been providing support for agri business operators by way of Agri study tours on line and off line such as needs-based trainings to our agro community information exchange inspiration exposure skill acquisition among others for the past 10 years. combined with the essential elements of the tourism and agriculture industries.

These are difficult times for agribusinesses like other businesses some challenges faced by way of farmers are lack of enterprise plan for their business don’t understand what to start with how to begin when to begin inability to locate the proper market amongst numerous other issues. Different questions and problems like i am not profitable in agribusiness I started out out and lost the whole lot working my farm at a loss keeping records about my business don’t know where to sell my produce no knowledge of the market are some of the issues that farmers face . Agritourism simply put is an aggregate of indispensable factors of the tourism and agriculture industries; attracting participants to go into agricultural operations designed to increase farm earnings whilst Providing recreation, entertainment, and academic experiences to guests.

A visit to Songhai Farm in Port Novo provides you with the following insights :

Demonstration farm to show case farming

Mechanized farming

On-farm farmers’ markets;




Organic farming

Simple farming tools

Sustainable crop farming animal husbandry poultry fish farming etc

Successful farming

Our last tour one of several was in December 2019, due to Covid 19 we suspended our excursions in 2020 this 12 months we have resumed our programs improved on it and made it extra responsive to the desires of our clients. Our world-class tour of Songhai Farm exposes participants to deep insider secrets and techniques by using way of a experts to expose secret details of the farm. Since they will be exposed to new agro farming strategies that will enhance their farm earnings and new farm management skills To cap it all, all our excursions are constantly spiced with leisure, so contributors will have the possibility to go to unique sightseeing in Cotonou for a few hours after coaching or the alternative to see farms enforcing the Songhai concept


“This is a one stop shop that all aspiring farmers should see” – Engr. D B Gambo (October 2016 Participant)

“A truly unique experience for every aspiring entrepreneur. It shows the endless possibilities you never thought existed. It also shows how single mindedness can change and shape the world. Songhai was a man’s vision but today it is positively changing and shaping the future for many Africans who go through the program” – Mr. Omotoye Olumide Owolabi (August 2018 Participant

To visit Songhai farm request for any of our packages we have training packages and events weekend tours day trips group tours private tours health and wellness packages honey moon as well as study tour packages all Tailormade to your taste.

 Interested? fill our contact form or contact us by WhatsApp get a taste of expert farming from the experts .

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