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Visit Songhai Farm Center Today -See Learn be Inspired to Replicate !









Why visit Songhai Farm Center Port Novo. ?

Our Study tours to Songhai farm Port Novo Bene Republic are packaged  to expose intending and practicing farmers on how to start profitable farming and help practising farmers solve their problems,

A visit to Songhai farm helps you to learn from the masters, acquire immense and quantifiable knowledge & skills to start and develop a sustainable agro business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a profitable farmer.

Read below the experience recently shared by a Punch News Paper  correspondent  to Songhai farm  :

“Songhai Farm Centre in Port Novo    

Songhai Regional Centre was established in 1985 by Father Godfrey Nzamujo, a Nigerian. It sits on 25 hectares of land at Ouando, Port Novo, the capital of Benin Republic. From afar, dusty plants and tall trees tilting towards a building are the instant objects that meet the sight. But a walk down the entrance leads to a workshop and a supermarket, where the company’s products are sold. From that point, another entrance leads to the farm –

a beehive of activities.

The time was 10 .a.m on Monday, January 21, 2019. Our correspondent like many other visitors from within and outside Benin Republic was on a tour of the facility. The next one would commence at 10.30am in French and another one was slated for 3.30pm, to be moderated in English.

A tour guide, took our correspondent to different busy sections of the farm including poultry, fishery, crop production unit, juice processing unit, palm oil processing unit, pastry section, feed mill unit, compost preservation unit and biogas system unit.

…….., the poultry section of the regional centre contains layers, broilers, guinea fowls, turkeys, geese and ducks. It also has a section for quails. about 20 ponds  are at the Port Novo centre with a capacity of N2,000 fish each. According to Shittu, the three layer buildings at the centre accommodate 5,000 species each .

Broadly, there are three levels of production at the centre – primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary sector deals in crop production (vegetables, cash crops and agro forestry), poultry, fishery and mammals. At the secondary level, raw materials from the primary sector are turned into finished products. Units at the secondary production include agro food processing (such as juice, diary and pastry productions), agro mechanisation and palm oil processing. Palm kernel oil, the byproduct of palm oil, is used for soap production at the centre. Last is the tertiary level, the supermarket, where finished products are sold.

The fact that at“Songhai Integrated System is an agric system whereby nothing is wasted,” was  shared with our correspondent at the beginning of the tour.  “We have different sections of production – the primary, the secondary and the tertiary. From each production sector, there are different units. After a particular production, we obtain the finished product and the byproduct, which is sent to another production unit to be transformed into an input for another production. So, it is a perpetual recycling process. Nothing is wasted.”

Shittu added that with about 2,000 staff members, the centre operated seamlessly at the training and administrative department, on the field and the sales point.An official at the training and administrative department,  said “a lot of Nigerians” come for training at the centre on a monthly basis.”

Hadur travel and tours have been packaging tours to Songhai center since 2012 we take groups on a stress free learning and educational tour of the farm for exposure and inspiration not just a simple visit round the farm.

Want to be a part ? Lets give you all the encouragement and support to start out or expand your agro venture .

Group tour dates are –

Agro Tours Packages:

Songhai Study Tour – Feb 24th – 28th

Songhai Study Tour – July 21st – 25th

Songhai Study Tour – Dec 15th – 19th

Dates not suitable ? request your own private tour with your friends and family

keep working at it till you visit its certainly worth the trouble !

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    Can an individual come or it has to a group