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It’s time to visit Jerusalem Again this May!

JP Ceremony JerusalemSAM_2261
JP Ceremony Jerusalem[/caption]
Towards the end of the year 2013 we started working on our calendar for for 2014 and now its coming quickly again another opportunity to visit the Holy Land  i cant wait to experience Israel again .
Imagine what you would do if you have the opportunity to walk the same path Jesus and the patriarchs walked!
How would you feel if you can experience the land of the bible deeply, visit all the places you’ve  read about  in the Holy book  and see them come to life?


Now, imagine yourself at Jesus place of birth in Bethlehem, eating St Peter’s fish, visiting Nazareth the town he grew up, feeling the beautiful river Jordan, on an awesome boat ride on the sea of Galilee in a Jesus type boat listening to cool gospel music,  touching the remains of Solomon s Temple  wall in Jerusalem , seeing Zacheaus tree in  Jericho, worshipping in the holy silence of the Holly selpuchre  where Jesus was laid before He rose ,or floating on the dead sea
one of the wonders of  the world – what more can i tell you about our exciting executive pilgrimage to Jerusalem on the 5th- 15th of May i am so excited by the thought of exploring these Biblical Holy sites once again wont you love to enrich your spiritual life by Joining in the fun ?
 How about visiting the Garden of Gethsemane and the Upper Room, the feeling you will have as we stand together and look out over the Sea of Galilee where our Lord stilled the waters! Ever heard of Cana in Galilee where Jesus turned water into wine ? now is the time to explore the Church dedicated to Jesus first Miracle & taste the kind of Wine He served at  the wedding feast you have read & heard so much about . Think about Jerusalem, the replica of the Heavenly Jerusalem where Jesus was dedicated as a Child at the Temple and where He suffered & died for your sins and mine ,walk via Dolorosa His way of sorrow you cant help being touched by all this memories  and many of  the places you have read about in the Bible to give your faith a spiritual up lift.

Now stop imagining!
A visit to Jerusalem is going to do all this and  put your curiosity to rest even much more, believe me, millions of people from around the world visit Jerusalem all year round.
So if you are excited about visiting the holy land for the first time or doing a return visit, then May is the best time for you to go.

Yes, we have scheduled a tour from May  5th-15th 2014 and registration has  started seats are filling up fast  and the closing date of  29th March is fast approaching.

One thing is certain, we will ensure that your trip runs without any  headache and its going to be so fantastic it will stay in your memory as an amazing experience for many years.

Maybe you are wondering- what’s in it for me? Why is this so different from any tour to Israel?


May is spring time in Israel and one of the most beautiful months to visit! The weather is wonderful and the flowers blossom. Remember Israel is an extremely safe country to visit and to explore. You will definitely enjoy every minute of this our wonderful trip .
We believe that every person’s visit to Israel is very special and  important, therefore we make every possible effort to ensure every visitor goes back with a taste for more.
When I ask pilgrims their greatest wish after reading about the Holy sites in the Bible, their answer is to walk in the Footsteps of Jesus, the patriarchs and the prophets.
So, never mind if some friends make you believe that it’s not important to take this life changing special tour. They can say- Jesus is everywhere, why travel to Israel?

But, what has been your greatest desire as a believer? It is to get closer to Jesus and make Him your personal friend- right?

A visit to Jerusalem is going to do this and trust me millions of people from around the world who visit Jerusalem all year round can’t be wrong!
This trip is much more than simply a vacation. I believe we truly will never be the same upon our return. This is an opportunity to see the people, places, and events of the Bible come alive before our very eyes … an opportunity to never be the same again!

Wait there is more…


Report has shown that tourists are flocking to a very peaceful Israel in spite of the odd attacks from neighbors.
The Israel Ministry of Tourism announced recently that a record number of tourists, 3.56 million, visited the country in 2013, up slightly over 2012 levels. The number of tourist entries increased 3 % over 2012, pointing to a growing interest in longer term visitors rather than day visitors.
Also 2013 was an amazing year for Israel tourism, marked by several significant events including President Obama’s first presidential visit to the country in March 2013, followed by President Jonathan’s visit in October 2013 as well as many dignitaries who visited the Holy land last year.
Moreover the security situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories continues to be quiet with little, if any, disruptions occurring within the tourism sector as a result of political situation.
The United States continued to be the most significant market for incoming tourists with 623,000 tourists, about 30,000 Nigerians visited Israel through the Government pilgrims boards while the number from private tour operators   for the year is not known. Other important markets which continue to be significant include  France, Germany, and the UK.
A number of new hotels have recently opened and are under construction, both in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories. This is expected to drive additional growth during high peak periods of the year and, in addition, should  help to drive more overnights into the neighboring Palestinian territories, which, compared to Israel, remain sorely in need of new hotels to meet the growing demand to the region.
Having learnt all these, you’ll be surprised at how affordable the tour really is!
Here is what you expect:

   We provide you a private executive – stress free package with rich networking with other Faithfull’s, bible reading, prayer & praise on the sites.

·   Homely hotels with 3 sumptuous healthy meals!

·         Enjoy the delicious St. Peters fish, warm professional English speaking guide inspiring and up lifting fellowship marriage renewal in Cana, the church built at the site Jesus performed His first Miracle turning water into wine and lots more!


So what am I offering you now?
Full attention to all your needs and building the trip in full cooperation with you.I will like to remind you that our next life enriching tour to Israel is scheduled for May 5th-1th  2014.


From our past pilgrims we receive excellent reviews of our tours all the time
Read some views of our satisfied pilgrims of the memorable  
December 2013 Family Tour:
‘Any time, any day anywhere, I will recommend Hadur to people for a life changing tour and encounter.

Hadur, I enjoyed every bit of your tour package, keep it up and continue to improve.

Thanks also to Orit and the driver, they were friendly and committed to their job.’

Thanks and God bless you,   Rev.George Ndifon.’

So what will happen if you don’t hurry up? You may miss out on this awesome trip at this wonderful time of the year!

You need to start out today  and I promise, you will never be the same after your visit to Israel.

Simply send us a mail now to indicate your interest and…
Leave the rest of the work to us…
You can also download a free Israel information guide from the home page click the face book button to like or share this story.

God bless!

Shalom see you in Israel



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    Pastor Ernest Ehibudu

    Interested in Tour of Holy Land

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      we thank you for your interest pastor we sent you mail pls check & confirm

  • April 15, 2014 at 11:16 pm

    I am the General Overseer of House of Liberation Assembly, registered in Nigeria and South Africa. I would like to lead some church members for tour in the holy land. Please, do give me a quotation.

    • May 19, 2014 at 1:52 pm

      Dear Rev.we sent you an offer pls check your mail & respond