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Ever  heard of Songhai farm or ever wanted to take a trip to Songahi farm as an intending farmer or a practising farmer you will find something new and useful for your business  to learn .Why Songhai farm -

Songhai farm is one of the largest NGO farm projects empowering Africans, an integrated farm that uses all its waste produce to generate more income. Centre Songhai is a chain of agricultural research centers established by a Nigerian American for the promotion of the study of sustainable farming techniques.

The farm has about 15 sections these are farming, aquaculture, biogas, poultry, mushroom, mechanic, grass cutter, snailery, piggery, grass cutter, quails, among many other things that you will discover on your arrival at the farm. There is so much more to the Centre than it is possible to explain here. Today both young and old learn from this centre as it uses old and new methodology it engages in human resource training entreprenuership as well as wealth generation.

How do i get there ?

Songhai farm is Head quarters is in Port Novo that means you are traveling out of the country & need your passort.

You could either travel through the seme or Idiroko border and take a taxi to the farm it is a journey of roughly 2& half hours when traffic is light.

You could go for a simple trip spend about 2 hours on the farm or a study tour from about 2 – 7 days

Apart from this you can get hands on training on how to set up or manage your own farm.

If this is the case you secure accomodation on the farm and there are 2 resturants European & African where you get farm fresh meals form the farm produce

Even if all you need is a few days of quite time in a serene environment songhai farm is the answer.

The current sites are located in the following areas:

  • Porto-Novo -  in the south-eastern part of Benin:
  • Savalou – in the Zou  in the center of Benin
  • Parakou -  in the north
  • Lokossa -  in the south-west
  • Kinwédji – also in the Mono

The geographical expansion of the Songhai movement is also progressively reaching other countries in the West African sub-region. This is the case regarding the site in Nigeria (Songhai Delta – Amukpe)..

  • Songhai-Delta-Amukpe

Songhaï-Rivers State (Nigeria)

Lagos state in Badagry

Plan to take a fact finding trip to songhai or ask our tour consultants to package  your  tour  for you contact us today .

our next group  tour is from 17th – 21st February . email us to get full details .

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  • I am interested in a going on a tour of the Songhai farm organized by your company. Kindly send me details of a day tour and also the tour scheduled for the 17th – 21st February.

    Thank you.

  • I would love to join this February group to visit, am interested in there bio-gas.

  • Hello. Pls do u have a tour coming up in october. If yes kindly avail me the details as well as cost implication. Thank you

  • I am interested in coming for a five day study tour of your farm in the area of snail and grass cutter farming. pls send me details for such arrangement.


  • send me details for a five days study tour in the area of snailing and grass cutter farming


  • I want to receive training in Songhai Farms, Amukpe, Delta state. I want to go into farming and agribusiness. I do not know how to go about it.

  • I want to receive training in farming/agribusiness in Songhai farms Amukpe, Delta state, Nigeria. How do I go about it.

  • i would like details of the next tour in march and cost,thanks in advance

  • i want to go to songahi on ur July tour i want2kno d cost of travelling with u for 5days pls i shall need d cost on time to enable me meet all d requirement

  • Hi, please when is your next tour

  • I require more information on training and how to franchise a complete songhai farm system

  • Hello, I want to get to songhai for training on how to start up/manage a farm and also learn there processes….how long would that take me…

  • hi sir, please i’m a final year student of a university in nigeria and i would like to pay a field trip to the songhai farms

  • Please i need to find out the programs they offer in sanghai farm, the duration and the cost

    • Thank you Betty we will mail you

    • I am a presenter radio but am starting a TV show on Agriculture and I have heard so much about the farm and I have called once to speak with someone on more info but it wasn’t not fruitful.

      I will like to know if I can come with my media crew to take pictures and interview the one who is heading the Songhai Farm.

      Thanks as I wait in anticipation for your response.

  • I would like a study tour of the Songhai farms sometime in April 2014. I would appreciate your feed back on the possibility and the cost.

  • am interested. n would like to kwn wn ur next trip wl b coming up.

  • Please i want to go to songhai farm by june next year.please i want to know how much it will cost me

    • Dear Francis its an awesome experience to visit Songhai farm we have sent you mail Group tours for 2014 dates are 9-10 Feb,
      11-15th May,10th- 14th Aug & 17-20th Nov, you may however choose to travel on your own .we are awaiting your response

  • Good day,

    Please i will like to know your next agribusiness tour to Songhai farm in Benin and the cost of the tour.

    Secondly what is the cost and duration of full training or programme for people that want to be involved in agri business.

    Thirdly, please include my email in your mailing list so i can be get regular update from you.

  • please i want to go to the next trip can u plz sent me all the details to my inbox including all expenses thanks

    • Dear Wale its an inspiring experience to visit Songhai farm we have sent you mail -Group tours for 2014 dates are 9-10 Feb,
      11-15th May,10th- 14th Aug & 17-20th Nov, you may however choose to travel on your own .we are awaiting your response

  • Great information when is the next batch coming up?

    • Hallo Uchenn its a wonderful experience to visit Songhai farm we will send details to you by mail Group tours for 2014 dates are 9-10 Feb,
      11-15th May,10th- 14th Aug & 17-20th Nov, you may however choose to travel on your own .we are awaiting your response

  • I want to go for a tour and how much does the training cost.

  • I ll lyk d aug tour, pls send me details of ur flight that is, d cost.

    • Thank you so much for your interest we can help you achieve your goal
      please check your mail for details we go to Songhai by road except if you are
      out of Lagos

  • Greetings team,

    I am interested in runnung a programme on poultry.

    Kindly assist me with the necessary details for the study.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  • Calvary greetings,

    I have heard a lot about your farm and is interested in undergoing a study for farming as well as aquaculture.

    Kindly update me on what it entails including if there would be need for Visa as well as mode of transport to the location from Port Harcourt Nigeria.

    Thank you.

  • I want to visit shanghai farm from Nigeria, I have heard so much about the farm how do I get there to learn and see the first integrated farming in Africa and how it works in the African soil

  • I want to visit shanghai how do I get invitation to go and see

  • Calvery greetings , pls kindly update on how to visit Songhai farm from Kano Nigeria, tank u

  • i like to visit songahi poultry farm. i found it necessaries for me to improve my farm in nigeria . i am an accountant by profession working in an Higher institution in Ogun State Nigeria. pls, send detail to my mail

  • I have so much about Songhai especially the area of integration in the farm, I will appreciate if u will give me a visa to or an invitation to port novo from Kano Nigeria, tank u.

    • Thank you sir we will send you details you do not need visa only your passport & yellow card we will mail you more information
      you can travel to the farm from any where in the world

  • Dear Sir,

    I read about Songhai farms online and became interested to be part of the study visit in February 2013.
    Kindly send me details of what to do.
    Thank you

  • I have heard so much about songhai and world love to join a training session. Please send me information on your different training courses,the amount and what I need.
    Do you have centers in Nigeria?

    • Thank you for your interest
      we will send you full information by mail
      there are Nigerian centres which are franchises
      but we deal with the port novo centre mainly
      since it is the parent company

  • please sends me what it will cost to do a complete training from nigeria

  • My name is Bright Ekurume, I live in Abuja, I am interested in Poultry and Fish farming, I will like to come for the 17th to 21st of February programme with my wife and 2 other persons. Pls send the right directions on how to get to the farm from Lagos. Thanks

  • Please can you avail me on the mode and cost of a two day study and survey of Songhai Farms. I am a business consultant packaging similar integrated farm in Nigeria. While i would go to Port Novo from Cotonou, my colleagues will go from Nigeria. I would love to visit with 2 other officers. Thank you.

  • Am interested on Agro tour please send me detail

  • Am interested in Agro tour please send me detail

  • Please I want to visit songhai to gain experience on farming.

    Your urgent reply is highly need.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  • Hi, please do send me details for a visit to the Port Novo centre between Jan-Mar ’14. I need information for both personal and group visit. Thanks

  • Hi am intrested in a tour.pls send me a mail as soon as possible

  • please i would love to visit the farm too. But just for 2 days. Do i need to pay some fees? if yes how much? Also send other details for me too. Thank you.

  • pls am interested in the feb17-21 tour. am more particular on the poultry farming. kindly send me the package including the financial implicatiin

  • hi,
    pls when is the next tour, i wud like to visit and learn some tins about farming. secondly, what is the address of the songhai farm in Nigeria.

  • When is your next tour? What are the fees? Will be looking at 5/7days tour. Objective is some training on the farm

  • Pls send mi information about the songhai programs, the trauning durations, the up-next tour, the cost implication and other relevant information i need to know. Thanks

  • I am a student of Landmark University in Nigeria, studying agricultural extension and rural development. i want to know if some one can apply for industrial training in songhai farm and if yes how. Thanks i await your reply

  • Pls I would like to go on a trip to the farm to expand my knowledge.pls send me the details for the trip.thanks

  • please i will really like to visit Songhai farm on training purpose. please how do i go about it, the cost and others, also i don’t have a passport or yellow card. i really need to visit this farm by February as part of my project, please i need your help. i awaits your favorable reply.

  • please when is the next tour starting and i want to know how much it will cost and how many days is for the training. thank you

    • Dear Habeeb the Feb tour closed last week you can sign up for the May tour now we sent you mail pls check & confirm your tour date awaiting your reply

  • How are you sir?

    • Hallo Mr Wole we think you have a laudable plan and have a special package in place for schools we sent you mail
      we are awaiting your reply the students will richly benefit from this tour

  • Indeed to know if the tour is residential and how much will it be for the total days to be spent.does the cost include medal and transportation.i

    • hallo Morenike you get value for money on Songhai farm yes we get accommodation on the farm during the tour pls check your mail for other details

  • Good day,please am interested. In undertaking a training with songhai farm hopefully by nxt week,please I will be greatful if a reply is sent 2 me.Thanks

  • am still yet to receive any mail

  • please i interested to take part in the tour,please inform me the date and month of the next tour so i can prefer for it. thanks.

  • Good day, Please i want to know if the songhai farms sell seeds to farmers and when is your next trip /tour there and how much will the trip cost ? What is their office hours like? Thanks

    • Yes Songhai farm sells seeds plants to farmers in the front retail shop .Our next tour is may but you can travel on your own any time we will arrange your trip for you

    • Oluwaseun hallo yes songhai farm sells seeds plants , farm fresh produce finished products & machines to interested buyers etc our next trip is May hours is like 7.30 to 12.30 & 3.30 to 6 pm

  • Am very much interested in a tour as i am about to start a farm in Nigeria. Kindly send me a mail as soon as possible


  • I appreciate your efforts in bringing the African populace back to the land. Please I would like to know the cost of a five day training in commercial farming in Songhai farms, including accommodations and transport.

  • I need your calendar for 2014 including training and visit days.

  • I was told about Songhai farms Porto Novo by a fellow farmer friend. Please i would like to receive the details and prerequisite for visiting. Thank you.

  • hello editor, pls i want to go to shonghai farm, hw do i travel frm nigeria, n hw much is d cost, fr stayin fr one week. Pls, email me, thanks, i n my husband want to go fr a tour n i also want to learn more being a vet

    • Dear Abidemi you travel by road through Seme or Idiroko boarder or by air however hadur travels packages Songhai tours with professionalism.We have sent all details to your mail we await your reply.

  • Hi,
    I want to get to Songhai farm for training on how to start up and manage a farm. Can u arrange that and what is the cost implication?

  • Dear Editor, please confirm if you have any tour plan for March 2014 and if not, can I get one to be arranged for the current month of march for a 2 days trip?

    • Dear Abdul Lateef ,we do not have a group tour in March although we are working on something for Easter !However we have individual trips all year round
      we have sent you a quote 2 days ago & await your confirmation.

  • Hi.I want to visit with my wife for three -five days, second week of April.what’s the accomodation and restorant charges and any other fee involved. Thks

    • hallo Barde we are just rounding up our package for Easter tour & will send you details soon .
      meanwhile we will send you details of our up coming may tour to provide you with some information.

  • Please, how do I apply for the Industrial Training (IT) in your farm

    • Hallo Olabanji we sent you mail awaiting your reply we would be pleased to be of assistance to you did you mean training at Songhai farm center

  • I am a student studying Agricultural Economics in Osun State University, Nigeria and i wish to come and apply for my Industrial Training (IT) which is for a duration of 6 months in your farm,please what are the procedures

  • I’m about retiring from civil service and have chosen farming at mult purpose dimension.
    I have already acquired 25 hectare of land and will like to have first hand information and learning from Songhai farm.
    Please send me details and financial implication for 5 days stay with my wife
    E B Jarumi fsi

  • please i will like to have the timetable for this year (2014) study tours and also the cost implication to Songhai farm,and i will like to know what it will take as far cost and duration if i want go for training course as one who want start a farming business.Thanks

    • Dear Sulaiman look under upcoming tours or copy this link to read all about our up coming tours - for training cost and other details check your mail thank you

  • Please i need to find out the programs they offer in sanghai farm, the duration and the cost.What do I stand to learn after training?,must I joint a group or I can enrol alone?,howdo i get there?.Thanks

  • please i want to make a trip to Songhai, port novo, sometime around April 21-30, 2014. do please furnish me with cost of transportation through lagos or ogun state, training, accomodation and possiblity and cost of delivery of items purchased there.

    • we sent you several mails awaiting your confirmation on delivery of items purchased information will be obtained from the farm before purchase

  • Hello, I’d like to know if there is provision for private tour to Songhai farm and possibly during the Easter break. Thank you

  • Can I come with my media crew for interview? I want to showcase Agriculture in Africa and what Shanghai has to offer to the the whole world and people who re ready to become farmers.

    Can I hv the cost of hotel bills and tour fees so I can organise young people who are interested in the tour to come along with my crew.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Please what is the cost of staying in shongai per night if I want to have an holiday

    • Dear mr Oyedun thank you so much for your interest we can assist you achieve a memorable holiday at Songhai farm.we need you to give us travel dates to send you an offer

  • Hello Editor,

    Please give me details of movement for 11-15th May,10th- 14th Aug & 17-20th Nov. so i can plan to be part of one.

    Thank you.

  • When is the next trip? I want to get details of the next trip because i want to be part of it.

  • Need your tour package for August.thanks

  • Hi there, I am in the process of setting up a farm and would like to discuss on possible partnering/consultancy. Please contact me asap.

  • Please I would like to get a phone contact I can speak with asap

  • Hi.I would like to know more about the Songhai farm.Can u send me the exact locations of their branches in Nigeria.I will like to travel with your group at some point in time.I really wish to know the various times in the year you guys normally tour the parent site at Porto novo,
    Benin Republic. Thanks.

  • I will like to pay a visit to Songhai. I want to venture into vegetable farming and i will like to know about it. Kindly contact me asap on how to make my trip.

    • Dear Joseph we than you for your interest in our tour package yes you will get to learn all you wish about vegetable farming during the tour we have
      sent you mails please check and confirm departure dates

  • Dear Editor,
    I am highly interested in setting up a farm (both plantation and animal farms) and have made some savings towards this. How can your organisation help me to achieve this in terms of technical support, partnership and any other way?…..

  • Dear Editor,
    I am highly interested in setting up a farm (both plantation and animal farms) and have made some savings towards this. How can your organisation help me to achieve this in terms of technical support, partnership and any other way?…..
    I reside in Nigeria.

  • I would love to know more about the farm and its activities. Also, when next is there a tour and can I see the tour package?

  • How do i enrol for The 18month training program at songui training centre.i would love to begin training by november.pls kindly send me the steps involved and how the programs runs.thanks

  • pls i want a short time course on grass cutter, have started a farm on grass cutter and rabbit but i have some questions on grass cutters. pls give more detail on how to go about it. thanks

  • pls am yet to reveive a mail, pls its urgent

  • Hello, I am interested in the Songhai tour.Please can you send the details containing the respective durations and cost. Thanks

  • Please send me details- Tour plans ans cost for the rest of the year. I am interested in visiting the farm. Thank you.

  • am interested in songhai farms for training,pls when is the next tour i live in Abuja.please reply soonest

  • How are you sir?

    • Dear Elizabeth we would be delighted to package a memorable special Hadur tour for your students please check your mail & send required details

  • Please let me know when the next tour will take place, its duration and cost implication

  • Please i want to know if you accept students who study Animal science in the university for students industrial work experience scheme [SIWES}..I would love to do my SIWES in your farm in delta.

    • Dear Moses,
      thanks for your interest please search for contact of Songhai delta on google they will confirm if you can do your IT there good luck

  • please am the director of socials of the department of agricultural and bioresources engineering in university of nigeria nsukka enugu state nigeria. my department would love to come to your farm for excussion atleast so that we can get to see what we are taught practicaly. plz reply soonest

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