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When planning for a tour, you have many options. While a holiday is important, why not have one with an investment?                                                                        

  Introducing our group tour to Farm-Tech Expo holding in Kenya. Farm-Tech Expo is a subsidiary of Agritech Expo in Zambia, a tool for the evolution of farming community over the past 5years. Why not join our group of wise farmers and learn how to solve your agro problems?

Are you a Farmer(commercial, emerging &small-scale), key official from regional government, agro dealer, trader &retailer, venture capitalist, investor & banker, consultant &technical experts, technology & solution provider, association, NGO, aid development and research agency? Or an individual whose delight in agriculture cannot be underestimated? Certainly this is not a tour you will like to miss with lots of opportunities to drive your agro venture to the next level.

Why Kenya?                             

The Economy of Kenya is the largest by GDP in East and central Africa. Agriculture is a major employer and the country traditionally exports tea, coffee and most recently fresh flowers to Europe. The service industry is a major economic driver. Kenya’s monsoon seasons start during April to June, after which ‘short rains’ season occurs till November. Currently Kenya is aiming to create a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life by its ‘Vision 2030′ project .The vision is anchored on three key pillars; economic, social and political Governance

Our Package;

TOUR DATE: 10th – 15th September


  • Grow your business, increase profits and yields while networking with industry professionals.
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge through interactive AGRITEACH training workshops designed to modernize the small scale farmer.
  • Make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Get opportunity to view and test equipment first hand in the live working demonstration zones.
  • Grow your agri-network and share insights by meeting local and international suppliers from across the entire agri value chain.
  • Experience live planting and crop demonstration plots first-hand.
  • Identify new varieties of seeds, the latest advancement s in application of fertilizers and plant protection products.
  • See the latest agricultural equipment technologies and solutions available to keep your farming operation performing economically and at its peak.

Agritech Kenya was an eye opener for many.

Its now time for farm tech, no other tour like it again this year.

Make the most  of your time, fill our contact form immediately for full details  .



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