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Thousands Visit Bethlehem for Christmas

              This year thousands of tourists and Palestinians  troupe the city of – BETHLEHEM, Palestinian Territories —  flocking to the West Bank city of Bethlehem today Monday to mark Christmas at the site where it is believed Jesus Christ was born. This year’s celebration carries special significance for many...CONTINUE READING

Exciting Israel Renewable Energy Tour

          Of renewable energy in 1956, Israel‟s founding father David Ben-Gurion declared: “The largest and most impressive source of energy in our world, the source of life for every plant and animal, yet a source so little used by mankind today is the sun … This energy can be converted into...CONTINUE READING

Pilgrimage Terms and conditions

REGISTRATION PROCESS AND FORMS OF PAYMENT : Before registration will be accepted, you must read, understand and accept our terms and conditions. Please download Hadur Travel & Tour co ltd (HTT) form from our website or send an e-mail to make a request for it from the HTT office. The specified full cost of the...CONTINUE READING