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Amazing 5 Day Budget Trip to Israel

Jericho by sycamore tree      cana of Galilee This is new unbelieveable but true visit Israel in 5 days highlight tour save time save cost see the land of the Bible in style your life will not be the same explore the root of your faith on this tour visit Israel and walk in the footsteps of Jesus – Nazareth , Bethlehem...CONTINUE READING

Truly Amazing Christmas Holiday Packages

It’s hard to believe, but if you still haven’t planned your holiday trips as of today, by now this is  considered a last-minute travel  for this Christmas season . But not to worry — you can still take action today to make sure you don’t miss out on the holiday fun. Read through our exciting packages...CONTINUE READING

Our unique and Inspiring Agro Tours

Hadur Travels  September 26th – 30th  SONGHAI TOUR  was a great sucess as participants were   exposed to  new ways of  doing business in Agro Farming techniques  guaranteed to  boost their farm income. For all who missed the tour we are pleased to announce  an exciting new  days visit of the farm on Oct 1 during our independence holiday – dont miss out contact…CONTINUE READING