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FOOD-TECH EURASIA EXPO A Solution to your Packaging and Processing Needs.

       Sharing Exciting News and Announcements with You  Everyday  Check this out .  Introducing   the 13th International Food and Beverage Technologies Fair: Food-Tech Eurasia  holding simultaneously with world class Eurasia Packaging Fair  2018  in Istanbul,Turkey Food Tech Eurasia is one of the largest, most comprehensive and effective trade fairs for food processing and packaging of...CONTINUE READING


We welcome you to our exciting page where you get relevant information as it concerns all you need to know about our upcoming agro tour to Kenya. This time it’s another intriguing annual agro-exhibition organised to increase exposure , awareness and increase participation involving farming experiences. Unlike its counterpart Agritech Israel, Agritech Kenya is an...CONTINUE READING

Inspiring 2018 Agro Learning Field Tours .

Ever dreamt of starting your own successful Agro venture or expanding your Agri business  output? Join one of  our amazing tours of Songhai farm center Bene Republic to learn secrets of successful farmers and aquire  invaluable skills and experience to start, grow, or expand your farm business and minimize loss. Most people coming into Agribusiness...CONTINUE READING

Unique Agro tours for wealth creation to give you peace of mind

  Won’t you like to go on an Agro tour that will relax and revitalize your soul and body? Or would you consider an Agricultural tour that will empower you with knowledge to load your pocket or bank account? Look no further! Check out our awesome agricultural tour packages specially designed by Hadur Travel and Tours, pioneer of Agro-tourism in Nigeria, designed...CONTINUE READING