Learn How Agro-tourism Inpacts agric wealth creation

Problem Songhai Centre is an interventionist institution. It stems from the fact that worldwide if you mention Africa in the world today, what comes to mind is poverty, corruption and all such. Poverty is caused by the social structure in…

Hadur facilitates agric wealth creation tourism

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No matter the level of resources, there is an opportunity for wealth and job creation in farming or other agribusiness ventures if the investors or their operators acquire the right knowledge. According to Olufunke Taiwo, chief executive, Hadur Travel and…


Implementing knowledge from Hadur agro-study tours

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Our story wont be complete if we give only testimonials ,today we share with you live stories of those who were inspired on our tours and came back to implement what they learnt keep reading story as reported in Businessday…


Agro-tours – Link to wealth creation in agric value chain

The agricultural value chain is described by experts as the whole range of goods and services necessary for an agricultural product to move from the farm to the user or consumer. So, a primary producer of crop or animals for…

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Integrated farming: Waste-to-wealth venture maximises profit

Integrated farming, which involves two or more aspects of agricultural production such as cropping, livestock production, fisheries, is one of the surest ways small, medium and even big farmers can minimise wastage on their farms and maximise profit. It is…

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Farm excursion fires desire for agribusiness entrepreneurship

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  Nothing in contemporary times seems to spark or heighten the desire to become a farmer or expand farming operations more than a practical study tour of a highly successful and profitable farm. This became evident again as a fresh…

Using agro tourism to tap into opportunities in agribusiness

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    Post in Business day Wednesday, 30 January 2013 by  Oluyinka Alawode – For an agro-based business that is just starting, or already established and having difficulty or enjoying remarkable success, some practical learning experiences can make a world…

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Fresh Agro Tours Necessary For Agri Business Investors.

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Using agro tours to become international agribusiness operators –  Business day 12th December  To be a major player in today’s business world requires exposure, networking, marketing and determination, a definite turnaround from old ways of doing business to new technology,…

Agric tourists for Songhai Farms August 26

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A Lagos-based travel and tour outfit, Hadur, will embark on a four-day study tour to Songhai farms, Port Novo, Benin republic, on August 26,2012 expected