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Visiting Lagos? Then You Should See This…

Ever wondered why Lagos is referred to as “Eko Akete, Ilu Ogbon” in English meaning Lagos, the land of wisdom. This is due to the popular saying that Lagos is a no man’s land which encompasses all types of people from every work of life tribe or race. Lagos, Africa’s very own life wire, a...CONTINUE READING

Amazing December Family Pilgrimage 2018

  “Oh come let us Praise, Worship and Adore the king of kings  and Lord of Lords ” Our awesome December Pilgrimage is here for you and your loved ones. Have you ever wondered how and where you intend to spend the Yuletide Season?   No more worries  as Hadur Travel and Tours proudly presents ...CONTINUE READING


When planning for a tour, you have many options. While a holiday is important, why not have one with an investment?                                                                           Introducing our group tour to Farm-Tech Expo holding in Kenya. Farm-Tech Expo is a subsidiary of Agritech Expo in Zambia, a tool for the evolution of farming community over the past 5years. Why...CONTINUE READING

FOOD-TECH EURASIA EXPO A Solution to your Packaging and Processing Needs.

       Sharing Exciting News and Announcements with You  Everyday  Check this out .  Introducing   the 13th International Food and Beverage Technologies Fair: Food-Tech Eurasia  holding simultaneously with world class Eurasia Packaging Fair  2018  in Istanbul,Turkey Food Tech Eurasia is one of the largest, most comprehensive and effective trade fairs for food processing and packaging of...CONTINUE READING